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[XBOX One] [Tutorial] Removing orange square patches from sawmills.

Nico coiN

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I fixed the issue here, but I'm lacking feedback to be sure everything is ok as I personnally don't own any console. Thanks to Multiphor and justafyde for helping me designing this.



This is an exclusive XBOX One issue. The way I lured the console engine is quite hackish and won't fit in USSEP (unless Arthmoor has a different opinion).


Bethesda, Microsoft, shame on you !!! You should have patched this on your side, and with a proper fix. Not a half hackish solution like mine.





What you need :
A Bethesda.net account
The leggit PC game
The Creation Kit
Nifskope pre-alpha 6 or newer version
This tutorial will take the orange patch in sawmills as example.
You first need to identify the faulty mesh. For the sawmills it is meshes\furniture\clutter\milllogpile.nif
From what I could understand with the help from Multiphor, on XBOX One the rule of 'last loaded overrides others' doesn't work for this specific mesh (and maybe many other resources such as other meshes and textures). So, to be sure that the game will be forced to load our new fixed mesh we must make sure to edit the record that points to it, ideally by changing the name of the mesh and relink it. Here it is 'ResourceObjectSawmill' (ref ID 00071C47) under Furniture category, and we will link it to our new mesh that I renamed to 'USSEPmilllogpile.nif' :
Please note that to be able to choose this new mesh it must be placed as a loose file in its proper folder tree. Save. Our 'force our fixed mesh to load' plugin is ready.
Now let's process the hackish part of the job...
Next, we have to tweak our mesh that contains the core of the problem. Open it with Nifskope and toggle the 'marker display' with the proper button. You will notice that our famous orange patch is now visible :
Let's go to the corresponding BSTrishape Block, at the very bottom of the block details, and expand the 'Triangles' tree. Here you will find all the triangles composing our unbearable orange patch (here we have only 4). The numbers you see are in fact the ID numbers of the vertices composing each triangle :
As you now probably understand, nothing prevents you from affecting a unique vertice to all triangles apex... Fill all values with '0' to affect all apex to the 1st vertice and the 4 triangles will just turn invisible...
Save your mesh. Upload your file on Bethesda.net with the CK in XB1 category. Take care to properly build the related bsa archive containing your fixed mesh. Load it on your console and activate it. Place it as low as possible in your load order to be sure that nothing will override it, and admire ingame...
What side effects do we have ? Well, probably only one, and very minor : as the marker is now invisible it is slightly more difficult to make proper placements in the CK, you now have to rely exclusively on the blue diamond. Not a big deal as the orange area was rather a visual helper imo : it showed modders where the NPCs / playing character are automatically placed by the engine when the animation triggers, and that would just be a bad idea to put other statics or clutter there. THe now invisible orange area just has to remain free of any other stuff. Vertices are still there, triangles too but we lured the engine by making all of them merged in a unique point, so they do not render anymore.
For other possible faulty meshes such as the Castle Volkihar doors you may have much more than only 4 triangles to tweak. However, that's a rather quick and 'do it only once' task.
Finally, only one thing to remind : you want to turn off rendering of specific objects without modifying BSShaderProperties ? Try to lure the engine by tweaking triangles... (was previously featured in Open Cities Skyrim v3.0.1, more fixes upcoming ! :D)
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