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Ilas-Tei Still Lost from the Lost Apprentices Quest


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Yay, the Lost Apprentices quest is now playable (from Cutting Room Floor or this patch?)! I look for the apprentices, anyway.  I find all other three, but I've never found IIas-Tei on the platform Shrine of Talos out in the Sea of Ghosts. It was noted in UESP:


If you pass the shrine and do not loot his corpse during your first visit, his body will disappear once the area respawns, making his ring unattainable if you are collecting the missing college apprentices' various items.


I don't know what it means to "pass the shrine" because no matter how I've handled traversing the geography, the Argonian mage was never there. Just lots of blood, skeevers and a few scrolls. Now, in SSE, the same conditional loss of IIas-Tei still seems to exist, except the quest is now active, and I'll not be able to complete it. Somehow I'll never understand, IIas-Tei has performed his disappearing act again, which leaves me with three items stuck in my inventory and an un-erasable quest entry in my log.


Is this fixable by patch, or will it just need to remain one of Skyrim's charming quirks?

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That would be Arthmoor's Cutting Room Floor mod that restores the "Missing Apprentices" quest.


As far as Ilas-Tei goes, I've also had him vanish in my game at some point in the past (without CRF installed), but I don't recall the conditions under which it occurred. UESP seems to be indicating that his body disappears after the cell resets (typically 10 days) if you go anywhere near the area with the dead skeevers, which could be true. Not sure what (if anything) CRF might do to prevent this from happening, but I can't recall ever having it cause the restored quest to break since I've used the mod; could be that I've just been lucky.

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Thanks muchly for the thoughts.


If he's supposed to be enabled up until the quest is finished, it didn't happen that way. I have no idea how big these cells are, but I'm 99.99% positive the closest I've ever come to those skeevers and that shrine platform at any point in SSE is walking past on the shoreline. Today is the first time I set foot on the island, so it mysteriously reset before I got there, or he was never set in the first place, or the quest decided it was over and he was disabled before I got to the island, or I'm just routinely unlucky.


Actually, because I've never found him in any Oldrim play-through, I've also never expected to find him, so it's not a loss. And, anyway, this isn't really a patch issue after all. I just need to learn to be less OCD about quests I can't finish and quest items that can't be removed from inventory. ;)


That said, USSEP is the best thing since sliced bread. I have never played with fewer road blocks! It's so much sweeter. Thank you Team Patch!

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