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Places map markers in the Soul Cairn and enables fast travel while on that map to any marker you've discovered.

Adds some additional markers to the Forgotten Vale and Dayspring Canyon.

The Soul Cairn gets the added bonus of now accessing the overhead map like you would see for Skyrim.

Download Locations

AFK Mods
Skyrim SE Nexus
Bethesda.net - PC
Bethesda.net - XB1
Bethesda.net - PS4

Installation Requirements

Skyrim Special Edition 1.5.53 or greater.

Installation - Wrye Bash BAIN

Drop the archive into your Skyrim Mods\Bash Installers folder, then install as usual.
Make sure the mod is active in the Wrye Bash mods tab.

Installation - Manual

Drop the Dawnguard Map Markers.esp file into your Data folder.
Activate the mod using whatever management tool suits you.


Due to the nature of Skyrim mods, especially those adding scripts, it is strongly discouraged to attempt uninstalling a mod from your active game. Any mod that is more than pure mesh or texture replacements has the possibility to leave behind permanent changes to your save that you may not want. This is not something modders can correct for. It is how the game was designed by Bethesda. No support will be provided for anyone who uninstalls this mod from an active game and continues on with that save.

To remove the mod: Delete the Dawnguard Map Markers.esp from your Data folder. Then reload your game as usual.

Load Order

LOOT (https://loot.github.io/) should be used for optimal placement.

Needs to be positioned after any mods which alter the Soul Cairn worldspace, or your map markers will be displayed incorrectly on the main Skyrim map.


Should not have any significant compatibility issues.


This mod is not made, guaranteed, or supported by Zenimax, Bethesda Game Studios, or any of their affiliates.

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Because you have not have in load order modification that modified Soul Cairn (02001408) and Boneyard (0200528D) Worldspace(s)

I think so, aside from AFT that alter some dialogue for Serana.


But I wonder, does CRF change the Soul Cairn and/or the Boneyard Worldspace(s)?

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