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Hello Everyone!


This is Hannes821 from "Atmora calling" and i would like to introduce you to our project,

we have been working with a bunch of people for months on!

now we want to finalize and you got the chance to join in the last 10% of the making!


it is going to be an immersive, lore friendly high-level, arctic and a bit horror-like survival game experience

based on Frostfall and Ineed; also bringing in the lore of the Dragon wars and the ancient nords!

the first video will show you what you can do, and what tools you would need;

the second video will show you the idea a bit deeper;



we also have a nexus page,  http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68189?


a big forum,  http://atmora-calling.freeforums.net/


a steam group for instant group communication and a facebook profile for publicity!

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sure, nice idea, Drakemasta, thanks for your interest!
Feel free to come over to the forum and let people know your idea!




if you want infos, just check it out. i can only post here,

i just give you a message from our BIGBOSS here:
(yes our international team has more then 60 people working already,
we started already​ over 12 months before,

 and we will at least go ​​on for another 6 months! and i am not the number 1 ;-) )

Hello Skyrim mod users and makers.


I come bearing gifts.

The Expedition to Atmora project has gone through a recent internal merge,

and while this has added a large expanse of the exterior,

and no less than 4 new interiors have been added,

and new assets have been added,

this time something for all to enjoy:


Wallpapers !!!



(4 K version here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ilwgxq4h9ymwmxj/ExpeditionToAtmoraWallpapers.7z?dl=0


Courtesy of Destero,

who's other work you can find here:



I'd also like to tease some WIP work:


courtesy of Sagittariousmoon, one of our modelers.


It's been a month of a few recent additions to the team,

and the returns of a few others.


As I've said, there has been work on all fronts,

with the most recent merge giving our current internal file a size very lose to a Gb.

Don't worry, it'll shrink a bit when cleaned for release, but the scope of work is quite large now.


As usual, the question most will want answered is "when will it be released",

and like all mod projects similar to mine the answer will be "when it's done" :) 

Work goes on steadily.


As usual I'd like to direct you to our forum:



and to our Nexus page,

which hosts an outdated version but will have to do while we further improve Atmora internally:



A landscape is much like a canvas.


As it is completed it is empty, and when you fill it with content the result becomes increasingly beautiful.


We invite anyone and everyone with ideas or interested to come over,

and for those of you who would like a canvas to put your work on, I invite you t join our team.

We could use more interior work, exterior beautification and expansion,

new assets in the form of new models and new textures (or improve vanilla textures),

people who can produce exiting and unique NPCs, and those experienced and willing to help guide the project to completion.

In regards to voice acting; we require both actors,

but even more so an experienced person to guide the process of recording and implementation.

We certainly hope you keep our project in mind,

visit us and consider contributing to this or another project,

making Skyrim a 1000-hours long, vast and wildly varying experience for all.


And enjoy the wallpapers.


See you around


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Hello , I am interested in this , but on a different level .

I actually created a whole continent of Atmora, but yet not "populated" it with anything , I have and had some assets and several important ideas for it , but to my questline is a sort of final location to be reached in order to fullfill the quest I was planning .

the mod I am talking about is Issgard, in case you do not knwo here is a page.

What I am thinking is to receive eventually info onthis project and if I can merge mine into it overseeding the lore I need for my quest into it .






The Atmora Idid is actually as large as skyrim and I planned it as a huge frozen desert that shoudl work with frostfall to make it an extremely harsh environment constantly wrapped in mysts and snow , almoust like antarctica, I have nailed out the reasons why Atmora fall into ice age and its tied to the questline. I also got an idea for an expedition quest starting right from Issgard, but that head to Yssarlick ruins.

If you are interested let me know.



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to Prometheus: thank you very much for the kind offer! I contacted you!


Hello everyone!

Happy new Year 2019!
Yes, we are still active :wink: I suppose you have seen our newest trailer already.

I would like to invite you to our recruits discord:

Additionally, you can mail us under:

And now for those who didn't see it yet, the second trailer we made.
Maybe we can welcome some of you soon on the utmost northern shores?

Have fun!
Yours, Hannes821


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