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[WIP] Multilayer Parallaxtravaganza


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Gonna go ahead and start collating meshes to touch with this.  Feel free to add any others to the list.


Done:  Soul Gems (already REL'd)

Stalhrim weapons

Aetherium Crown

Ideal Master Gems

Aetherium Crest

Ice Wraith Teeth


To Do:

Stalhrim Armor I decided not to MLPize Stalhrim armor for a number of reasons.

Raw stalhrim chunks in various places

Aetherium Staff

Aetherium Shield Aetherium bits involve alpha transparencies.

Paragon gems?

Illusion/Alteration/Conjuration/Restoration Staves

Kagrumez gems?

Staff enchanting table?

Blue Disk Things On Dwemer Devices?


Basically, if you see a glass or crystalline object that should be cloudy or translucent but then opaque at a subsurface level (like the Frost Atronach or other ice stuff), I can possibly MLPize it.  If anyone can turn up a good subsurface tiling texture I could use besides my adaptation of the caustic wisp and the pre-existing frost subsurf textures, that'd be helpful too.

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MLP works best on translucent stuff you can't see all the way through, like cloudy crystals or dirty ice or stuff like that.  Window panes don't really fit with it, as you can see through them.

Well, in skyrim you can't see through them, that's the point. They appear milky.

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Ok, was just a suggestion. I thought the glasses looked bad in skyrim anyway, and maybe they could look a bit better if MLP was used cleverly. Maybe in a way so it fakes the look of moving schemes (or a static light source) behind a milky (frosted) glass, because like we agree, there isn't actually anything behind the glasses in skyrim.

I wasn't suggesting to make it look like parallaxing ice...

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Very nice, I have never done the whole of that quest, was saving it until I settled down to seriously roleplaying Skyrim, now that the unofficial patches have squashed the majority of vanilla bugs and I have a new machine capable of looking good aswell as feeling good .. its time :)

Thanks for the link Nico, that looks like just the job to make those stones look a bit more special than the originals.


I cant think of anything else that could do with the MLP treatment, besides what you already have on the to-do list in the OP.

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