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[Skyrim] Extended racks

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After solving a few issues with my new racks (the "invisible racks" were not invisible at all and some of my triggers were not working for mysterious reasons), this mod will probably go live in a first version within the next week. A good occasion therefore to summarize what I have included so far:


New functionality:

  1. The weapon rack scripts are now able to detect whether or not a weapon can be put on a rack and will add the respective base objects to a form list that is shared by all racks (to skip the check on subsequent trials: repeated checks of the same item don't work for obscure reasons, see my last post in the WRT)
  2. Showcases (both the large display cases and the dagger cases) will present options now to enable or disable scripted weapon handling. All cases in Skyrim player homes have been replaced with the new cases, and every case can be set up individually. When the options window gets too annoying over time, there also is another option to make the selection permanent (which means that the respective case will display its setup options never again). However, to make the whole thing foolproof, every interior that has been equipped with the new display cases did also get a reset button which allows for turning the setup options of all cases in the same cell back on.
  3. The standard wooden racks will accept tools now (i.e. brooms, shovels, pitchforks, hoes and woodman's axes). Since tools cannot be equipped, they are selected from the player's inventory when the rack is activated without a weapon equipped. Some racks have been installed in various places, where people seemed to have a need. In addition, a player-activatable tool rack forms now part of the garden decorations for Honeyside (and even better: with this mod, you'll get a grabbable hoe (the only one in the game) and a pitchfork for free).

New racks:

  1. An entirely new staff rack (including new triggers and activators) for six staves, which displays a magic effect when fully occupied (well, this went a bit over the top ...),
  2. A shield-only plaque, also with a new mesh and a new activator,
  3. An alternate retextured version of the driftwooden rack,
  4. A rack for Wuuthrad, which will be automatically enabled in Jorrvaskr (and the fragment display disabled) when Glory of the Dead has been completed.


Although a playable mod which adds functionality to player homes and possibly also a little immersion, this project is primarily intended to be a modder's resource. Thus, feel free to consider the racks for use in your own mod projects. Also, please let me know if you have further ideas.

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The first version is live now:



A readme is still missing, but will be added soon. I'm also planning to continue work on it and to include more new racks in the next version.



As a side note:

After many hours of fiddling around with the meshes in nifskope, I have found a way to make my own custom triggers (well, it's an integral part of the mod) - not the generic separate trigger volumes that can be generated by clicking the "T" button in the CK, but arbitrary objects with triggers on the mesh. To do so, custom collision meshes (representing the trigger volume) have to be plugged in a bhkSimpleShapePhantom node (those nodes the CK complains about ...)  and linked to a bhkSPCollision Object node.


If there's a general interest and if it's not totally trivial to the mesh specialists out there, I could write a small tutorial.

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