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[Morrowind] How to Install/Reinstall/Uninstall MGE


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1.  Download these software because they're required for MGE to work properly. 

When you install Mircosoft.NET Framework for the first time you might need to reboot your computer once the installation is completed and should do so if prompted.

Otherwise there is no need to reboot your computer while installing these software.


2. I know you don't need .NET 4.0 and only .NET 2.0 is required for MGE, but to save you some time I recommend to install Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 (run dotNetFx40_Full_setup.exe) which requires internet connection.

You also need to install a patch after the installation (only earlier than .NET 4.0) is completed to get rid of Windows Welcome login every time you start your computer and that can you blame Microsoft for not doing that sooner than .NET 4.0.

Also, most people are using Windows 7 these days which already has .NET 3.5 included.


3. The Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable (run vcredist_x86.exe) is the only software you will need to both install and uninstall every time you want to install or reinstall MGE.


4. DirectX 9.0c Redistributable (run dx9_redist\DXSETUP.exe) can be installed regardless what DirectX version you have installed on your computer, but I'm not sure about computers that has DirectX 8.1 or older DirectX versions installed.


5. Extract the MGE v3.8.2-SVN_rev-0178 archive into the <path>\Morrowind folder then right click the MGEgui.exe file in the Morrowind folder and send it as a shortcut to desktop.  If you don't do this MGE will not work and you cannot run Morrowind, so this is important to right click on the MGEgui.exe file and send it to desktop as a shortcut before you can configure MGE settings in MGEgui.


6. Double click on the MGEgui shortcut and if you have done everything correct MGEgui should now be loaded.  Now it's time to configure MGE and to do that just click on the Tools tab then click on the Distant land file creation wizard button.  This will enable distant land in MGE (requires Shader 2.0/3.0) for all selected mods you have in your loadorder.

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1. Run dotNetFx40_Full_setup.exe and select repair then click next.

2. Run vcredist_x86.exe and uninstall Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable, because you must uninstall it first then install it.  You don't need to reboot your computer.

3. Run dx9_redist\DXSETUP.exe and install it as usual.

4. Just read the instructions 5,6 in the post above and do the same thing you did when you installed MGE.  Overwrite files when prompted if it's necessary.

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1. Delete folder: mge3 in the <path>\Morrowind folder

2. Delete files: d3d8.dll, dinput8.dll, MGEgui.exe in the <path>\Morrowind folder


You can if you wish reboot your computer but that isn't necessary.

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