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"The Cheydinhal Sanctuary is but one of many secret Dark Brotherhood safe havens spread across the Imperial Province."

You've completed your contracts. You rose through the ranks. Lucien entrusted you with his life. After a long and difficult struggle, you saved the Dark Brotherhood from total annihilation. All that remains of the once proud and powerful organization are you, Arquen, and some lowly random murderer the two of you found. After all this you're satisfied with visiting Bravil once a week to collect a pittance of cash? Is there nothing more to be done? The story just ends here, like a bad movie? Not anymore. The time has come to reclaim lost power, to retake lost sanctuaries. To renew the Dark Brotherhood.

This mod adds a short series of quests to the end of the saga of the Dark Brotherhood which takes place after your first visit to Bravil after becoming the Listener. I always felt that Bethesda cut things short at the end of the quest line. You're just supposed to continue on, as though nothing was wrong, after your entire organization was brought to its knees? What about all those sanctuaries out there the game makes a point of mentioning but you never see? This is my answer to that and at least brings things to a more sensible close by the time you are done.

You may install this at any point during the game, it is not necessary to wait for the end of the quest line. In fact, some of the involved characters will exist and be out in the game world prior to everything turning for the worst. You may not even realize who they are when you find them. Once you have made it to the end of the quest line, visit the Night Mother statue in Bravil (and return to Arquen with the info) at least once. You will be approached by a courier after 7 days to start things off. Though be patient, he needs to find you somewhere public.

My Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/arthmoor


AFK Mods
Oblivion Nexus
TES Alliance


Copy the ESP file, the meshes, textures, sound, and video folders to your Data folder.
If asked to overwrite, do so, as many of my mods share resource files and will overlap safely. Just keep note if this should happen.

Use of BAIN is strongly recommended as it keeps track of resource overlaps better.


Manually remove the files installed. You will probably have to refer to the archive for that.
Bear in mind that this mod may share resources installed by some of my other mods. Try not to delete stuff my other mods need :)

If you used BAIN, just uninstall from the BAIN installers tab. It will keep track of what needs to stay behind.


There should be very few if any compatibility issues with the sanctuary locations except in cases where other mods might have edited the areas they connect to.

Should be fully compatible with mods that alter the Cheydinhal Sanctuary - provided they do not remove Arquen from the game.

No edits to any of the cities or outdoor worldspaces have been made.

Must load after OOO to prevent conflict with one quest.

Vaults of Cyrodiil: (works, but patch not practical, reason in spoiler)

During the Chorrol quest, you get sent to the inaccessible part of Crumbling Mine. VoC places one of its treasure rooms there while deleting the floor parts needed for cleansing the Chorrol Sanctuary. Therefore the back door into Crumbling Mine drops the player into the void.

You will need to go in through the normal entry to Crumbling Mine, make your way to the ruined wall, and VoC will offer to let you squeeze through to the other side. The vial containing the blood will be accessible this way.

Or you can use the console TCL command to turn off collision before going through the back door, then just cheat-float to the treasure pile.

Must be loaded after OOO to avoid a conflict with another portion of the Chorrol Sanctuary quest.


Cliffworms: Anvil Sanctuary.
The-Manta: Bruma Sanctuary, Leyawiin Sanctuary, texturing work for the red welkynd stones.
Dwip: Chorrol Sanctuary. Dialogue topics so DB members actually feel like DB members. DB follower handling. Red welkynd stone icon. Many repeated test runs to weed out bugs.
StarX: Variations of the Black Hand banners found in defiled sanctuaries.
throttlekitty and Da Mage: Water plane resource used in the Leyawiin Sanctuary.
Alasdair - Nordic tomb tileset. Phitt - For helping fix the tileset by flipping the collision normals.
ForestDillinger - 3 second silent video plus audio effect.
WhoGuru - Ayleid cage mesh with animated door.
Phoenix Amon - Book jacket textures used for some of the DB books in the mod.
Hanaisse - Help with testing.
Andalaybay - For great patience and help in untwisting the mess that got made of Edla's quest, plus other stuff.
DarkRider, Greenwarden, Hanaisse, and Aranas for voice work on the relic hunter rumor line.
The TESA Beta Testers Guild - For helping to weed out some of the more inconspicuous bugs and offering some suggestions that were incorporated.


This mod is not made, guaranteed, or supported by Zenimax, Bethesda Game Studios, or any of their affiliates.

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Can't have there be no low profile public thread for this!


As an FYI, I've finally completed work on the teleportation network I wanted to add to this. It's undergoing testing to make sure it's all working and when it is, ABR will get what should be its final update. Yep, hoping to close the book on this (and plenty of other stuff too) so that the slate is clean before Skyrim.


It's been a limbo issue for awhile now but there will be no Skingrad Sanctuary added. So the quest to reclaim them will be formally ending with the next update. The script for it has been quietly humming away in the background the whole time hoping to see the last one placed, but I don't have the motivation to cook something up for it. The teleport quest is what ya'll are getting instead because it's been bugging me to get it done for awhile now :P

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Version 1.1


* There was not enough bed space in Chorrol to accommodate the Listener if Regonald became the Silencer.

* Corrected some inconsistencies in the sanctuary histories as they're given.

* Added a new side quest. Click on one of the inactive sanctuary teleporters to start it.

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  • 2 months later...

Version 1.1.1


* NPCs were trying to use the new teleporters despite not being allowed into the sanctuaries to access them.

* Modified the ladder script in Cheydinhal to allow any NPC member of the DB faction to use it freely. Should help with courier issues as well as other quest related NPCs.


That first change may be a lie right now. If folks could poke through it after completing the teleporter quest I'd love to know if anyone finds NPCs who don't belong in the sanctuaries. I've only uploaded it here for the moment. Although confirmation might be tough to get.

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