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Dialogue Interruption and Patch 1.6

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There's a problem currently with Patch 1.6 (in beta right now) that has raised an issue with the USKP. Any edited dialogue that's part of a scene or a normal dialogue exchange is prone to being skipped in its entirety. This is resulting in numerous game scenes which are playing in a disjointed manner and in a few cases, breaking the timing in a way that the scene fails to complete.

This is clearly visible with the two Jagged Crown scenes in Solitude and Windhelm. Easily duplicated over and over again using my alt-start mod to get to that point. As soon as the USKP is deactivated, the dialogue and scenes play out as normal.

I have no idea what the issue could be, but I suspect this isn't limited to just the USKP. It's likely affecting ALL mods which have edited lines of vanilla dialogue. We just happen to be sitting on the mod most likely to edit a lot of it. I'd guess parts of my alt-start mod that do this are also affected, but that's been much harder to look for.

So what's the plan? If this turns out to be an issue once 1.6 goes live and we have a CK update to resave the file with, what do we do about it?

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Well first I'd verify that we need the edited dialogue, obviously. If we don't have to edit the dialogue because it got fixed, then that solves our problem.

Second, I'm wondering what brought this about. My thought is that there is a reference to these quests in Update.esm and since the USKP doesn't have that as a master, it's causing a problem. So what happens if we add update.esm as a master?

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Update.esm is already listed as a master and always has been. The dialogue was edited to fix typos in the subtitles, and in several cases, to fix condition errors. So they're all stuff we need. If they've been fixed, great, but that doesn't help us without a reliable tool to remove unneeded records.

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