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Xbox Users experiencing "OPERATION COULD NOT BE COMPLETED" message, one possible cause and the solution.

Scythe Bearer

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Quick start; read this "mod" on Bethesda Net.

I have had three different users report this error to me, and the most recent pointed me to the message.  So, I deleted all the images from the mod and that seems to have remediated the problem. 

To verify that this may indeed be an issue with your mod, from your browser, go to Bethesda>Fallout 4>My mods, open the suspect mod and click the View Gallery button. Should any of your images not show properly in the Gallery, you need to edit the mod and delete the image(s) which do not display properly in the thumb nail (or just delete them all and start over).  Once you delete the images, save the mod.

Now, the wondrous caveat.  You may need to repeat this process several times, as it appears that the delete is not actually working properly either.  It took me five tries to delete twelve images.  

I want to publicly thank @shv04.  This wonderful person shared the message with me, and then patiently stuck around while I deleted the images from my offending mod.  Then this user extraordinaire verified this was indeed the solution and promptly got back to me.  Please, give this user the love they deserve.   Thanks again.   

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Added "or just delete them all and start over"
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