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Legitimate Breakage from the NextGen Update: Instance naming, dn_PowerArmor

Scythe Bearer

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For those who have installed the NextGen Update and have mods which "rename" power armor, there is a potential conflict. To quote Douglas Adams "Don't Panic". This is NOT a catastrophic collapse nor the end of the world.

The CC content which adds the Hellfire Armor updated the instance naming rule dn_PowerArmor. Any mods which update or change this INMR record will quite probably need an update. Also, any compatibility patches which reconcile mods with each other may also need to be updated.

The symptoms of this condition are that the various pieces of Hellfire Armor are named Head, Left Arm, Left Leg, Right Arm, Right Leg and Torso, as appropriate. They should be named Hellfire MKx with the part suffix. IE, Hellfire MK VI Torso, etc.

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