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"What...? Last I remember I was in a blasted land, and there was a bright flash..."


Changing planes is never easy for Etienne!:frantics:


© Steven Ross
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From the album:

The Adventures of Etienne

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They have curved swords!  CURVED SWORDS!!!


That fellow on Etienne's right is using a curved blade from Hammerfell Armory.  At least that is the mod I used to have blades like that in game.  

Etienne seems to be wielding a katana... so I guess he has a curved sword too!  Good thing he's in Skaal Village...  the Skyrim Nords are really weird about curved blades...  I must scare the ever loving hell out of them with my collection of curved blades from Nicoroshi, Billy Ro, Ronnie Magnum, Hilli1 and a host of other fine cutlery and bad@$$ery!  Hahaha:lmao:

Adventure ever on my friend, Phat:beer:

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Yup!  That fellow on the right (named Hador in my game though the follower mod is Shandar by Oaristys) has a sword from Hammerfell Armory - great stuff!  That's the scimitar Najash that he's equipped with.

Etienne's blade is from Hattori Hanzo Katanas SSE

And Nicoroshi makes incredible swords, shields, and bows - I have a whole bunch of his mods (of course, what mods do I not have?  LOL!).

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