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What Dreams Await


Etienne wonders about the perversities of the multiverse, and if when he awakens the next morning, will it be in the same world, or another plane altogether.


© Steven Ross
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From the album:

The Adventures of Etienne

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Forever damned in the cage of the multi-multi-verse - not quite a bad living, right? As long as there's enogh coffee :imp:

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As Etienne opened his eyes, all was unfamiliar around him.  At the sound of rustling footsteps, he sat up.

"Ah!  You awaken," said the beautiful creature before him.  "Welcome to paradise, where all one can desire is there for the taking - you need only ask."

"Well, in that case, I'll have a cup of coffee," said Etienne.

"Coffee?  What is this thing called coffee?"

"It is the morning nectar that one drinks to awaken, the mid-day refreshment that keeps one going, and the evening relaxant that provides the finishing touch.  You know, coffee, java, joe..."

"One moment while I search for this."  And the lovely creature closed their eyes for a moment - and in an instant reopened them.  "I have searched and found the records of this and i now know all there is about this..."

"Can you just cut the explanation short and grab me a cup, first?"


"Just a cup, then we can talk."

"I'm afraid we do not have any of this dark, roasted drink you seek."

"You don't..."

"Nope. Not a drop!"


And then it hit Etienne - he was doomed and damned to the worst of all hells.  Slowly, he sank back down upon the platform and closed his eyes.  As he did so, a tear rolled down his face.

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