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No pushing!
© Steven Ross

No pushing!


Well, at least Sofia isn't there - "Oops! I dropped something! Hope it wasn't valuable! Oh, it was you!"


© Steven Ross
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The Adventures of Etienne

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Yep!  I've fired several followers that will never follow me again for that exact same reason... "Wow!  What a lovely Vieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!" followed by splat and a reload screen... yep... dead again.  You are fired!  Go!  Where?  Don't care!  Just GO!  Hahaha:rofl: 

Sofia and several other "custom" AI "foul-up-ers", Barbas and the rest of the canine pets, Misty and Summer Skye and far too many to remember them all now, are all permanently barred from following me.  Custom AI and vanilla pet AI cannot be adjusted with AFT.  Custom AI gets broken and the vanilla pets just aren't effected by AFT, more's the pity.  I do love dogs... and kitties too:wub:

I use AFT to correct the vanilla AI followers.  Inigo and Mirai both have adjustable follow distance, which makes them smart enough not to do that "push Phat from a tall precipice" stunt. 

Look out beloooooooooooow...


Adventure ever on dear brother, Phat:blackhand:

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Erik was my first follower back when Skyrim first came out.   I took him up north and we stopped to look at the Sea of Ghosts.  As someone who has probably put 10,000 hours into Morrowind, it was thrilling to see the Sea of Ghosts again.  As I was basking in the warm glow of nostalgia, Erik came rocketing up behind me, slammed into my back and sent me screaming over the cliff to die a horrible grisly death on the rocks below.  I will never forget that moment.  

Later when Dawnguard came out and I was accompanied by Serana I kept a suspicious eye on her at all times. I had learned my lesson.  I now realized that followers were secretly plotting my demise. :lol:

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1 hour ago, Pseron Wyrd said:

I was accompanied by Serana I kept a suspicious eye on her at all times. I had learned my lesson. 

Serana can be managed with Amazing Follower Tweaks after she is retrieved from Isran's torture chamber, upstairs in the central keep.  Doing so before that point can cause errors and buggy behavior.  But, once she returns from Volkihar to Fort Dawnguard Serana can be fully managed via AFT.  Love my Serana:wub:

However brother, you are most correct...  They are plotting against us!  Hahahahahahahaha:rofl: 

Adventure ever on, Phat:blackhand:

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