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Even Better Quest Objectives 1.5.8a

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About This File

Let's face it, vanilla quest objectives are terrible. Want to turn off the quest markers because you want to have a more Morrowind feel? Good luck!


Whickus attempted to fix this before with Better Quest Objectives, but he abandoned the Nexus in early 2012. So, this mod is to pick up where Whickus left off, applying unofficial patch fixes, making compatibility patches for mods - I bring to you, Even Better Quest Objectives.


Covering 250+ quests in the vanilla game, and more to come, it makes your life without quest markers a lot easier. And I mean by a lot. Comes with a installer for NMM and Bash, so if you are using Bash like I do, you aren't left in the cold.


A few things to consider: Some quests with ambiguous descriptions are left alone because they are meant to be riddles. They will not be modified - it's as likely as me cutting myself on a sharply observed portrait. Also, quests with journals that give information about the locations have the journals themselves edited instead of the descriptions.


Also, this mod does modify some of the vanilla scripts relating to some of the radiant quests. This is done so that the location would be properly displayed in the quest objectives. For now, only the scripts relating to DA09, DA10, MGR20, MGR20b, MGR21, MGRArniel04, and MGRitual05 are modified, as well as one Dawnguard quest.


I hope you enjoy! AFK Mods will be my secondary site for uploading - so if the Nexus is being uncooperative, you can instead download my files here.

What's New in Version 1.5.8a


  • Fix and remove legacy leftovers from quest C00 - oops.

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What's New in Version 1.4 (See full changelog)
  • Update with three new patches + v2.0 unofficial patch support. Discontinued merged and Book Covers versions of the mod.

What's the reason for discontinuing the Book Covers version assuming you mean the Better Skill and Quest Books Names mod?


If so I take it then the merged patch (BetterQuestObjectives-BSaQBPatch.esp) for the Better Skill and Books Names and the Better Quest Objectives mods shouldn't be used.  Correct?

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(Late response, but)

I meant Book Covers Skyrim. Not Better Skill and Quest Book Names. You should still use the patch from this mod, if you aren't using Book Covers Skyrim.

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