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Immersive Ingestibles 1.7

About This File

I have just updated this to version 1.7. This may be the last update I post here. Time constraints limit me from being able to manage files across multiple sites. Future updates, if there are any, may be limited to the Nexus.


There are no scripts added by this mod. It should be safe to install, uninstall or upgrade on existing saves; however, it is imperative to make sure there are no active food or sleep effects on your character when installing, uninstalling or upgrading.



Food now fortifies, instead of restoring attributes


In vanilla Skyrim, most food items provided instant restore health/stamina effects that were useless out of combat because of the rate those attributes regenerate. There was no gameplay incentive to eat out of combat, and eating during combat does not make sense (pardon me Mr. Draugr while I down six bowls of apple cabbage stew to get my health and stamina back). The few vanilla food items that did provide long term benefits tended to be overpowered, like vegetable soup that let you spam power attacks. All of that changes with Immersive Ingestibles.


Different types of foods provide different types of fortifications. For instance, cooked meats fortify health, and starchy foods like baked potatoes, bread and potato soup forty stamina. Most fortifications are between 10 and 20 points and last 3600 seconds (one hour real time). Most soups, stews and dumplings provide two fortification effects and one of those may fortify the regeneration rate of stamina or magicka. Since vanilla Skyrim reduces regeneration rates during combat, fortifying regeneraltion rates does not allow unlimited spamming of power attacks.


Food effects don't stack


In a further effort to achieve balance, the food effects in Immersive Ingestibles do not stack, so eating six bowls of vegetable soup in one sitting provides no additional benefits after the first bowl. But because of the variety of effects on different food item, there is a benefit to eating multiple different types of foods in one meal. Stronger effects of the same type will replace weaker effects, rather than stacking. Weaker effects will have no effect if a stronger version of the same effect is active.


The food effects in Immersive Ingestibles are new unique magic effects, so they do stack with alchemy and enchant, and do not compete directly with those skills, but rather supplement them. Although an effort has been made to balance the mod, eating every available type of food in one sitting will yield fortifications to several different attributes, so users are encouraged to eat reasonable amounts or balance it out by increasing the difficulty level or adding other mods that increase difficulty overall. Raw meat and skooma (and one other food item that I won't spoil) are the only effects added by Immersive Ingestibles that stacks in any way with another effect added by the mod.


Raw meats give you an upset stomach, unless you are an Orc, Argonian, Bosmer or Khajiit


Raw meats provide a small health fortification of 1-5 points, but also cause upset stomach (reduced stamina, generally between 2-20 points depending on the type of meat, and lasting 3,600 seconds). Chewing on a piece of raw leek after eating raw meat will counteract the upset stomach, while retaining the health benefit. Certain races (Orcs, Argonians, Bosmer and Khajiit) prefer to eat raw meats and instead of getting an upset stomach, they receive an additional health fortification of 8-12 points.


Sweets boost carry weight but make you weak to disease


Sweets provide a fortification to carry weight of about 25 points lasting 300 seconds realtime. But sweets are not terribly healthy and will give you a weakness to disease (75%) that lasts twice as long as the positive effects (600 seconds). The weakness to disease caused by sweets can be counteracted at any time after eating sweets by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, which will also provide a long lasting resistance to disease (an apple a day keeps the doctor away).


Alcohol has some interesting new effects . . .


Fans of spamming power attacks with vegetable soup may be happy to know that it's still possible by drinking mead, but not without some serious negative side effects. Ale and mead will fortify unarmed by 5 to 10 points and restore 1 point of stamina per second for 900 seconds (2 points per second for Blackbriar Reserve), but have negative side effects (significantly reduced/stunted magicka regeneration and modest weakness to magic) that lasts 1,800 seconds. All effects of ale and mead (both positive and negative) are immediately counteracted by eating goat cheese after drinking ale or mead. Goat cheese also provides a modest resistance to poison lasting 3,600 seconds.


Wines will restore 1 point of magicka per second for 900 seconds (2 points per second for Colovian Brandy), but have negative side effects (significantly reduced stamina regeneration and modest weakness to physical damage implemented as a reduction to AR) that lasts 1,800 seconds. All affects of wine and brandy (both positive and negative) are immediately counteracted by eating eider cheese after drinking wine or brandy. Eider cheese also provides a modest resistance to poison, lasting 3600 seconds.


Be careful mixing your drinks. Wine does not go well with beer. Drinking wine while mead is still in effect will dispel the benefits of mead but not the negative effects (and vice versa), so you will end up with the negative effects of both wine and mead and the benefits of only the last one imbibed.


Skooma is really bad for you!


Skooma has also been reworked to make it more like an illegal drug with strong positive and negative effects like in prior games. Skooma's euphoric effect provides a tremendous burst of energy, restoring 5 points of stamina for 300 seconds; its lethargic effect damages magicka for 7,200 seconds (two hours real time). Unlike alcoholic beverages, there is no way to counteract the effects of skooma.


Lore friendly Dragonborn Ingestibles


The Dragonborn Dunmer drinks (Sujamma, Shein, Mazte, and Flin) have been reworked to provide benefits and detriments patterned after the effects those drinks had in Morrowind that last 600 seconds. The prices have been increased accordingly. Ash yams also have been given a fortify magicka effect out of deference to the fortify intelligence effect they had in Morrowind. Ash yams in Morrowind also had a resist disease effect, so Immersive Ingestibles reproduces that as well.


Some foods not affected


No changes have been made to Elsweyr Fondue. I may address Elsweyr Fondue in a future version of the mod, but for now I am leaving it alone.


New Recipes


You can now cook baked potatoes and grilled leeks, and cooking raw meats no longer requires salt. A few other new recipes have been added, including baked ash yams, steamed ash hopper legs, steamed clams, and boiled eggs.


Sleep provides new benefits


Finally, additional incentives for sleeping have been added. Sleeping refreshes you, giving you energy to move better in armor and mental stamina to better resist magic. The rested bonus now includes 8% magic resistance and an additional 8 points AR for each piece of armor worn. The well-rested bonus now includes 12% magic resistance and an additional 12 points AR for each piece of armor worn.




Requirements: Skyrim ( or higher), HearthFire and Dragonborn. Dawnguard is not required and this mod does not alter food items added by Dawnguard. If there is interest, I may address Dawnguard food items in a future update.


To install, simply download, unzip and copy/paste Immersive Ingestibles.esp (and any patches you need) into your data folder (or install with your favorite mod manage). Then activate in your mod manager. The archive is in BAIN format, but should be easy enough to install with NMM or MO, since its only a single .esp file. The patches are pretty self-explanatory.


This mod includes no scripts and should not have an impact on performance. It should be safe to install, uninstall or upgrade on existing saves; however, it is imperative to make sure there are no active food or sleep effects on your character when installing, uninstalling or upgrading.


Compatibility/Load Order


Immersive Ingestibles should be compatible with most mods, since the only vanilla records that have been altered are the food and beverage items and the player sleep quest. Sleep still provides the vanilla rested and well-rested bonus in addition to the new bonuses, so the changes are very light and hopefully won't cause any conflicts.


If there is interest in having the ingestibles without the alterations to sleep, I may release a modular version, but for now I am only releasing a complete version. Load Immersive Ingestibles after mods that alter food effects if you want Immersive Ingestibles food effects to appear in your game.


Immersive Ingestibles is likely incompatible with "needs" mods and mods that alter the vanilla food items. Mods that merely add food items will not have Immersive Ingestible food effects for the new foods without a patch, but should be otherwise compatible.


Currently there are patches for Requiem and Expanded Towns and Cities. These patches bring Immersive Ingestibles effects to new food items added by those mods. Immersive Ingestibles and its patches are designed to load after Requiem. Requiem users need not worry about loading it after Requiem, since the only conflicting records are the food items and if you are using this mod, you want its changes to load last. The Requiem patch also passes Requiem's Skooma records through, so you will get Requiem Skooma, rather than Immersive Ingestibles Skooma. There is now an alternative requiem patch that preserves Requiem's alchol effects, including the visuals. If you prefer Requiem's alcohol, use the alternative II Requiem C2H6O patch. Do not use both Requiem patches at the same time.


The Expanded Towns and Cities patch should work with either complete or modular versions of that mod, since it uses ETaC Resources.esm as its master, rather than the individual ETaC .esp files. As with Requiem, load both Immersive Ingestibles and its patches after ETaC. The II ETaC patch also passes the ETaC mesh file paths through so the soups have unique appearances.




The authors/owners of any mods I have made patches for (which at this time include Requiem and ETaC) may use/redistribute Immersive Ingestibles and its patches for any purpose, but please give me (Turija) credit where appropriate. Authors of other mods may make and distribute patches to make their mods compatible with Immersive Ingestibles. Everyone else is limited to personal use, unless you obtain my permission.

What's New in Version 1.7


  • Version 1.7.1
  • Main file not updated; Requiem patch updated to fix references in conditions on effects for Sanguine Rose and the Warhammer of Inebriation to make sure those items function properly with Immersive Ingestibles drunk effects.
  • Version 1.7
  • Price of clam meat fixed.
  • Separate downloads for main file and patches for easier installation with NMM. Version 1.7 of the Requiem patch includes all changes from version 1.6.1.
  • New recipe to cook stewed squash with gourds and butter.
  • Very minor tweaks to various foods in the main file and patches.
  • Version 1.6.1
  • The 1.6.1 updated Requiem patch uses Requiem's scripts to combine Immersive Ingestibles alcohol effects with new alcohol visuals that blur vision significantly without the double vision effect from vanilla Requiem. The magic resistance from sleeping was reduced to 10% to prevent sleeping from being overpowered. Raw and cooked meat were changed to raw and cooked wolf meat, and sabercat, fox, bear and mammoth meats were added.
  • Version 1.6 Adds Immersive Ingestible effects to gourds, clams, steamed clams, boar meat, cooked boar meat, ash hopper legs, steamed ash hopper legs, ash hopper meat, steamed ash hopper meat and new recipes. Adds a fortify unarmed effect to ales and meads. A new alternative Requiem patch was also added to preserve Requiem's alcoholic visuals and effects.
  • Version 1.5 Adds new recipes for grilled leaks and baked potatoes and removes the need for salt when cooking raw meats. Tweaks magnitude of some soup and stew effects and a few other ingestibles.
  • Version 1.4 Again adjusted leek's resist disease magnitude (third time's a charm). Leeks resist disease does not stack with other resist disease effects. Last version that does not alter recipes, so I am leaving it up as an old version for those who don't want changes to recipes.
  • Version 1.3 Restored (lowered) leek's resist disease magnitude to its pre-version 1.2 magnatude.
  • Version 1.2 Skooma reworked to fix issue with its value being way too high. Black Briar Mead value adjusted to make it only slightly more expensive than Honningbrew. Fresh fruits and vegetables tweaked to slightly increase disease resistance. Cheese wedges tweaked to slightly increase poison resistance.
  • Version 1.1 Several types of foods removed from the mod because of an engine bug that made their in game value wonky. Values rebalaced to make the cost of cooked food slightly more than the total cost of the recipe ingredients.
  • Version 1.0 Initial release

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