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AFK_Frostcrag 1.2

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About This File

Renovates Frostcrag Tower with better lighting, furnishings, and display cases. An Oblivion gate is included for post-main quest sigil hunting enjoyment.

You MUST have the Frostcrag Tower DLC to use AFK_Frostcrag.

AFK_Frostcrag attempts to be a low-impact, low-frills upgrade to the Frostcrag Tower DLC for those of us who liked the idea, thought the implementation needed a little help, but just want a home and not a lot of extras.

AFK_Frostcrag uses the stock layout of Frostcrag Tower from the DLC, but adds the following features:

  • Remodeled areas with moved and added furniture in three optional varieties.
  • Many display cases, also with several options, on the first level.
  • Revamped lighting that can be toggled on and off via spell.
  • A teleport ring and spell to return you to Frostcrag.
  • An alchemy chest like the one in the Archmage's quarters.
  • An Oblivion gate that can be used after the main quest to re-enter the planes of Oblivion.


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