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Falinesti: The City in the Great Tree ALPHA 0.1.5

Sigurð Stormhand

About This File

This is a very old proof of concept for Falinnesti, the Capital of Valenwood, retrieved from my archives.

From the Original Readme:

Falinesti: The City in the Great Tree

Version 0.15 ALPHA

According to established lore Falinesti is the capital of Valenwood, a great “walking” oak tree large enough to contain an entire city. This idea intrigued me, because it’s one of those wonderfully weird things they throw into TES, like the Telvani mushrooms. Even more intriguingly, there is very little detailed lore apart from a few mentions in A Dance in Fire and the location on maps, which shows that the tree is not only within the Oblivion worldspace, but should be visible from Anvil!


What I have created is a very early (and incomplete) “proof of concept” which shows how a tree city like Falinesti can be built, using kevange’s “Lorefriendly Landscaped Lands - Valenwood Flora Landscaping” resource. This resource is REQUIRED for the mod to function.

it is downloadable here: http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/37721#

While using this resource gives an impression of how the tree might look and how it can be constructed the overall result is somewhat sub-par because it uses copies of the vanilla log meshes which were never intended to be blown up to ten times their size and have jagged edges and roots beside.

I would like to get this project off the ground, I have a plan, but I need some practical help. Specifically, I need a modeler willing to create some custom tree-pieces with more accurate collision, including a multi-part trunk, roots and various pieces of branch in a few sizes. Perhaps even more importantly, I need someone who has enough familiarity with speedtree to at least be able to cut apart the vanilla oak trees into pieces to create the canopy.

There is an interior cell “0Valenwoodtreebuild” which contains the current version of the tree, and there are also two map markers south of Anvil labled “Falinesti” which will take you to the in-world version, one to the root and one to the crown.

If anyone is interested in helping this project move forwards I can be contacted as "Sigurd Stormhand" on nexusmods.com and afkods.com

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