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Dragon Sound Overhaul

To be perfectly frank, I was never a fan of most of the vanilla dragon roars. They kept reusing the same old elephant sounds that you hear in every single film released after the 90s, and it felt neither imposing, nor unique. This was rather jarring, considering the dragons are a massive part of Skyrim and the largest and most menacing creatures in the game.

Therefore, I resolved to use my sound design skills to rectify this issue.

What does this mod entail? 

  • It's a complete redesign of all dragon vocalizations in the game.
  • Foley and firebreathing sounds are not included, but depending on my interest, or more importantly, the community's, I might add my own takes on such sounds in a future version!
  • Used various sounds from sound effects libraries to create a unique set of sounds: no copyrighted material here!
  • Sourced from various animals (big cats, bears, pigs, alligators, non-generic elephants and even birds like geese and cockatoos) and a few known monster sounds.

If you still need convincing, here's a small taste of what the mod has to offer!

Hope you like it enough to use it in your game! Stay tuned for more creature sound overhauls!

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