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Recharging Laser Pistol - Automatic variant 1.0.0

About This File

OVERVIEW: This mod provides to the player an automatic-fire "Recharger" laser weapon, functionally similar to the "MF Hyperbreeder Alpha" in "Fallout: New Vegas." The weapon is not considered overpowered although "overpowered" is always in the eye of the beholder (It follows the same per-shot damage ratio of 'Stock laser pistol : Recharger pistol : MF Hyperbreeder' in FNV). The mod does contain two scripts for those who are sensitive to adding scripts to their gameplay experience. It is Power Armor-compatible. It is PARTIALLY moddable in-game; Only the muzzle, stock/grip and scope may be modified. This mod only requires the base game (although everyone likely has the Game of the Year edition by now but, if you do not, now you know).

INSTALLATION: Please use the directory structure provided, either by installing it manually or via a mod manager. I have not tested this with the Nexus mod manager program (I think it's called "Vortex" so 'buyer beware' in that regard) as I do not use it.

UNINSTALLATION: Because there are two scripts involved, my understanding is that save game files 'embed' the scripts into them and so they can not be 'untangled,' so to speak. Before experimenting with this mod, create a "clean" save game file that does not involve this mod. Should you feel that this mod is not right for your gameplay experience in any way, revert back to that "clean" save game file. Otherwise, standard uninstallation practices apply: Drop the mod-exclusive materials onto the ground when you are in the game, save the game, uninstall the mod, restart the game and proceed with your game.

WHERE MAY I FIND THIS ADORABLE WEAPON? The first clue is that it is 'realistically' INdoors but 'technically' OUTdoors (it is not in an interior cell).

Second hint?


The northern part of the map.

Third hint?


It's in an area that deals with 'robotics.'

Fourth hint?


It's in a store in that 'robotic area.'

"Oh, I just want to look at the thing, play around with it briefly and not leave you a comment about it!" hint -


It's in a floor safe in the General Atomics Outlet store at the General Atomics Galleria.

NOTES (Contains spoilers):


There is no key to open the safe, you must pick it. If you have downloaded my other Recharger weapon, the two ammunition types are incompatible on purpose. The ammunition characteristics also apply as well: You can't have more than 16 shots without getting a radiation penalty and you can't drop the weapon while you have more than 16 shots without taking a radiation penalty. When you drop the weapon normally, all ammo for the weapon disappears.

I consider this mod "clean" in that there were no extraneous edits in the creation of this mod.

TO DO: There is nothing left to do with this mod. It works as intended. It has minor but sufficient lore building. I suppose that I could combine this and another one of my Recharger mods into one but, considering that they are so small, there's no point. When you go full auto until you have no rounds left in the weapon itself, it will stop until you manually re-load. I don't consider that to be an egregious bug and most people will figure out that you can reload the weapon.

FINALLY please do not re-distribute this mod elsewhere (such as at Nexusmods). I do not hate anyone; I only wish to monitor this mod's progress and feedback from one central location. All constructive feedback is good feedback. While I can't promise updates, I will take that feedback into consideration. What's the point of publishing a mod if no one is happy with it? Thank you for downloading the mod and I hope that you enjoy it.

Permission Grants

This mod is for non-monetary purposes only. I understand the "If it's not nailed down..." concept of the Internet but I make no money and receive hardly any recognition for my modding efforts (as the vast majority of modders do as well). Please be considerate and do not attempt to make money or recognition off of this mod. Thank you.

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