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A small Nordic village in the lower Jerall Mountains, north of the Frostcrag area. Black Rock Inn serves as the primary means of local support, while trade in hides and leather goods made in the local shop serve as their ties to the rest of Cyrodiil. They live a reasonably isolated life but welcome visitors from far away places. Some well known people have passed through on their way through the back country, as Feldscar is one of the few places to escape the biting cold of the mountains.

What's New in Version 1.0.13


Added 4 more paintings for other villages and used them in place of 4 tapestries in the inn.


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This is maybe an interferrence fom other mods. But, I had two bugs with this mod.

First, the room in the Inn is forever rented. Maybe a script error in my game.

Second, I am not able to mine the rocks  with a pickaxe inside Keldon's cavern. Maybe this is the result of the interference of OOO or MOO. 

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