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Gentesters Candle Pond Ranch SE 1.0.0

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Candle Pond Ranch by Gentester

A home for your children and followers in between Whiterun and Windhelm with a farm and hearthfire planting in beautiful scenery by Gentester

Requires Heathfire DLC

Comfortably sleeps 9 followers

Childs room which will sleep 6 children if you use TMPhoenixs Multiple Adoptions mod https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/3862 otherwise  the room will be unused.

Located in rural Eastmarch just behind Cradlecrush rock and midway between Whiterun and Windhelm this free (with backstory in a journal in the library) house and farm is a small distance off the main road. Fast travel is either to the front door or to the farm area close to the stable block. 
The house contains a total of fourteen rooms and an additional galleried balcony. It is reasonably lore friendly but does have plumbed water. Decorated throughout in noble style much of what looks like clutter or decoration is actually themed storage. It is fully navmeshed and follower friendly.

Exterior has a full smithing area with storage, heathfire planting mounds, a greenhouse, stabling for horses. The cows are milkable and produce a jug of milk and cream daily. Hover the cursor over their flank and press E, the animation will take over. There are chickens for eggs and bee hives for honey, a farm well and grain mill.

Interior has a large lounge and dining area, kitchen with hearthfire oven, armour display area, alchemy and enchanting room, and followers bedrooms. Small bathing room where your followers will undress and redress as they leave. Stairs go down to the staff quarters and children’s room.

Stairs go up to galleried area with planting pots, library and master bedroom.

3 staff. A steward and his wife and daughter. They were created before Heathfire came out, for the original version of this mod, so don't use the Steward functions from Hearthfire. The wife works in the kitchen and in the smithy. The daughter works in the kitchen alongside her mother and patrols outside. The Steward also patrols outside and can be found in the library sometimes working on the account books, there are entries in his ledger to explain why they are there. None of them are recruitable, I simply liked the idea of having people at the house looking after the kids when I'm not there (which tends to be a LOT) and all 3 have weapons which they will use to guard the property. The giant at Cradlecrush only ventures anywhere near the house if a dragon attacks him and heads in the direction of the house afterwards (I had it happen once in all the years I have had or worked on this mod, the stewards wife killed him immediately), otherwise he can't see the house through the trees and is peaceful and doesn't bother anyone.

Artisanix for paintings and frames
Berticus for the milking and undressing scripts
Blary for Booksets, food container meshes, open books and potion shelves
Brendan62 for the greenhouse
DarkRider & team CelticDecor for paintings and frames
Daemonjax for lighting ball scripts
Insanity Sorrow for a curtain and a watering can
Lilith for stew gathering and toy chest
Oaristys & Tony67 for various meshes in the Modders resource pack
Phaedra for the meshes and textures for cream
Runspect for a model ship
Tamira for the rocking horses and teddy bears
Tonynarko67 for Shelf Scrolls
yourenotsupposedtobeinhere for new rugs

You may use anything from this mod provided it was made by me although credit would be nice.
For all other resources please check with the modders concerned (unless it is a modders resource in the first place).
You may not upload this to any other site without my permission or do anything to change the esp and reupload it.
If you want to translate the mod that's fine, but please let me know first.

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I was assembling a new play-through and was fondly remembering Candle Pond Ranch from my LE days.

And here it is!  Many thanks for this SE version. I'm going to enjoy "going back home".

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On 1/5/2022 at 10:00 PM, BardBun said:

Hi, do you have a download of the old Candle Pond Ranch for Legendary Edition available somewhere?

I'm not playing on SE and I would love to try this one here out but the only LE download for Candle Pond Ranch has been deleted. (I assume because you have moved to this site from NexusMods)

its on this site under Skyrim downloads as opposed to here which is skyrim SE downloads :)

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the master bedroom is up the stairs and also the wardrobes/closets in that room empty out and reset after a few in game days is there any way to mark them as owned/safe playing on Pc

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12 hours ago, Princess0Vampire said:

the master bedroom is up the stairs and also the wardrobes/closets in that room empty out and reset after a few in game days is there any way to mark them as owned/safe playing on Pc

Im not sure what is wrong checked it on Creation Kit and they are all respawn off maybe it was some kind of fluke with My home is your Home. also tried player.setownership just to see if that made a difference

nothing has reset yet  after few hours and a few days ingame loading in and away of the house just worried to lose everything again. 

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