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Tasheni's The Isles of Teia SE 4.1

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Teia is the name of a goddess, she was honored as a titan of gems, the bright blue sky and precious metals. She was born in the void as an offspring of Padomay. All what's left of her is the name of the isles, but, maybe some Wild Elves remember her cult, who knows. Teia lies well hidden between the Sea of Ghosts and the Eltheric Ocean in nobody's land. It's fully navmeshed, on land and underwater, where you can find some ruins and treasure. But be prepared if you go diving: some of the sea animals will attack you on sight. If you dive near dolphins, the dolphins will swim with you and fight for you.

There are no quests included, yet, but a task: Destroy the Great Welkynd Stone inside Teia Silaselis. But be prepared.

To get there you must go through Wayward Tunnels. The entrance is south of Left Hand Mine in the Reach. Be prepared: The tunnels are very dark. Make sure you don't overlook anything. If you don't find the way, look at the spoiler doc attached to this section.

Please read the credits list, it's very long. You will find permissions at the end of the list.

This mod comes as is - don't expect a bug free mod, but I did my best. It works with VR with the exception of the boats, because the boats need SKSE and I had no time to bother with the SKSE VR version right now.

The SE version of the mod doesn't include the igloos and cocon house interiors. I need to finish the LE version first and had no time yet to convert that all again.

More screenshots are in the gallery under Skyrim/Scenic Albums. Watch the trailer here:

CreditsTasheniIslesOfTeia.txt Spoiler.doc

Recommended mods for immersion:

Underwater Blast by JeramyWillow:


Campfire by chesko:



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Thank you. My son owns vr glasses and I played my own mod. This was really great. But there is an issue with the boat scripts. Looks like SKSE VR has other scripts than SE. I will investigate, when I have time.



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I love this mod... very different from pretty much anything else I've played but I get trapped on the boat.  As soon as I press the button, I'm completely immobile and can only get out by exiting the game.  It's probably a conflict but... any tips as to how I can explore the other islands?

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I'm sorry to hear that. In my tests all works fine, but I will rework that script in future, due to the annoying AE version. But this will take some months, I'm working currently on my followers mod, a LE mod.
In the tavern on Bre are a pair of waterwalking boots. With these you can reach the other isles. You got stuck with the rowboat? Maybe another boat works for you? There aretwo others on Rhun and Ilmen with a slightly different script attached.

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Ahhh... never found the boots.  I actually used the Better Jumping mod to jump between the islands.  I can't believe how expansive this is!

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No, not yet. There are no npcs included with the exception of some enemies in Teia Silaseli. This world is the stage for Tasheni Followers questline that is not finished, yet. Then there will be voiced actors and a story to play. But it's worth to explore. If you need some holidays, just go there :)

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