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Tel Avius SE 1.01

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About This File

This is the Skyrim Special Edition version, if you want the Normal Skyrim version then click here.

If you would like to leave me a donation I'd appreciate it.


!! Make sure you have gone through your character creation process on a new game before activating this mod or otherwise the displays in the Trophy room might not work. You can still fix this later-on by completely resetting the mod but that requires some more effort !!
Requires Skyrim Special Edition


  • This mod is not to be uploaded or used anywhere else, not even in mod lists, no monetary gains can ever be made from my mod, not even free donations/patreon/etc, no patches/replacers of/requiring my mod are allowed.
  • Permission is never granted to be used on websites that have a none-revocable/infinite distribution license, if a website does not grant you the ability to permanently delete your own files then don't even bother asking me.
  • I reserve the right to change/revoke these permissions at any point, you must agree to the changed permissions in the future regardless of any circumstances.
  • Any changes, use of content or translations of this mod will require my explicit permission, contact me. (you will have to agree to all the above and mention me as the original author)


  • This mod adds a Telvanni tower on top of 'The Lone Mountain', West of Whiterun.
  • It consists of one massive tower that has an upper, lower and cavern level.
  • Two Dunmer npcs will already live there and are realistic regarding their appearance and clothing. They also keep themselves busy with chores during the day and sleep at night.


  • Player Tower -- Your personal home where you can store all your items. It includes displays where you can store your dragon masks/daedric artifacts/etc... There is also an enchanting table, alchemy table, staff enchanter, disenchantment font, bone grinder station where you can turn mammoth tusks into powder, a statue that will give you the "Divayth Fyr" blessing and a Soul Gem Altar where you can create/upgrade your own soul gems from normal gems and ore.
  • Greenhouse -- Where you can grow your own plants, located in your Tower Cavern.
  • HD Telvanni Robes and Hood -- Six different colors for these robes that you buy from the wizard.
  • New Conjuration Creatures -- 9 new conjuration spells that you buy from the wizard.
  • Spider Imbuing -- Build your own spider minions and throw them at your enemies like a madman!
  • Recall Spell -- You can buy the "Recall to Tel Avius" spell from the wizard, costs 100 magicka to cast and can only be used every two hours (will show up in your "powers" list upon learning).
  • Improved Navmesh -- All added content has been provided with new navmeshes, NPCs follow wherever you go.
  • TES5EDIT Cleaned -- First cleaned automatically and then checked manually to make sure everything is in order.


  • Always make back-up saves before trying new mods.
  • Make sure you are far away from The Lone Mountain before installing.
  • Nexus Mod Manager: download the .ESP and .BSA files and activate it to install.
  • Manual: open the 7zip file, then drag and drop the .ESP and .BSA files into Skyrim's Data folder.


  • Make sure you are far away from Tel Nalta (go to a small interior like Whiterun-Breezehome) and make a new save game.
  • Deactivate and uninstall from Nexus Mod Manager, or manually delete the mod.
  • Load your last save game, wait 40+ days (use the console command "set timescale to 300000" and wait a minute, then use the console command "set timescale to 20") and finally save your game again.


  • Compatible with every mod except those that modify the same exterior cells as Tel Avius.
  • Not Compatible with Tel Nalta SE, Tel Avius is in fact the same mod, except moved to a different location and lots of extras were removed.
  • Compatibility Issues with Legendary Cities - Tes Arena - Skyrim Frontier Fortress, You can install all the cities from that mod except for Blackmoor.

~~Recommended Mods~~


~~My Other Mods~~

Lakeview_Extended.png.664fc5d3c25f3c327e     Tel_Nalta.png.c428398200fcd4c87e8ddaef64



  • Floating Grass Fix -- Also try waiting a few days far away from the tower so it can reset and the grass doesn't float anymore.
  • If the Artifact displays inside the Trophy room are not working for you even after you waited 40+ days far away from Tel Avius then I suggest the following steps to fix them:
   -take out ALL your items from the interiors because everything is about to reset, leave Tel Avius, then save your game.
   -deactivated Tel Avius from your mod list.
   -load game, save game, exit game.
   -activate Tel Avius in your mod list.
   -head over to a small interior far away from Tel Avius, preferably an interior like Breezehome with minimal NPC activity.
   -open console and type "set timescale to 300000", close console, just wait and do nothing for like 30 seconds.(40+ days must pass)
   -open console and type "set timescale to 20".
   -press T and manually wait for 5 days.
   -go back to Tel Avius and test the Artifact displays.

(the reason these displays did not work for you is probably because you had Tel Avius activated in the very beginning on a new game, I believe this makes the scripts for those displays bug out, so if you wish to avoid this in the future then you should only enable Tel Avius after the beginning carriage scene has ended.)



  • Safe Storage -- The following containers are safe to store items: all containers in the Tower Lower & Tower Upper levels and the small strongbox in the Tower Cavern. The following interiors are safe to drop items on the floor: only the Tower Lower & Tower Upper levels.
  • Black Book and Elder Scroll displays -- Be careful when placing your Elder Scrolls and Black Books in these because these are quest items and when you still need these for certain quests it could potentially break the quests. Only place your scrolls and books in those displays when you have finished doing all quests that require those items.
  • Trash Container -- The Barrel in the exterior (hidden behind a mushroom, close to your tower entrance) will reset every 7 days, so you can dump all your useless junk in there.
  • Wait Time -- To make waiting go faster, open console and type "TFC", one day will pass in a second now instead of waiting for every single hour to pass, when done type "TFC" again.
  • Wait 40+ Days -- If you need to wait this long then I suggest you open the console and type "set timescale to 300000", close the console and then do nothing for like 30 seconds, when done type "set timescale to 20" and then just do nothing for a few minutes so the script engine can catch up.(its preferred you do this in an interior with no npcs, like Breezehome.)
  • Decorate your home -- If you want to place items perfectly inside your home then you need to dump the items on the ground, exit home, re-enter home, place them where you like. If you don't do this then the items will just bounce around the next time you re-enter the home. This trick applies to all the homes in the game.
  • Don't like certain items/plants/trees? -- You can always open the console in game, select the item, type "disable" or "markfordelete" to remove it. When using "markfordelete" you need to save and load again, but beware that the item will be gone forever, and make sure you have a backup save ready in case you deleted the wrong item. You can also use these commands to make your home interior better by removing clutter items you otherwise cannot pick up.


  • Mrpdean for Tel Mithryn modular meshes, extra containers and personally helping with mesh editing!
  • fileosoft for fixing some textures.
  • ps46183 for door animations on noble desk and cabinet.
  • sLoPpYdOtBiGhOlE for the lights and dining table script.
  • Earrindo for telvanni assets.
  • Stoverjm & Blary for open books.
  • Blary for alchemy clutter, potionshelf, booksets, foodcontainer, openbooks, ingredients wall art.
  • Oaristys for resources, pack and jars.
  • Runspect, Stroti, Darkfox127, LilaMue, Garnet, Tlaffoon, CD Projekt for resources.
  • Elinen & Ztree for water plants.
  • Tueffelachtein for craftingtables and general displays.
  • Tamira, Birdy & Yughues aka Nobiax for new plants.
  • Rafuel for telvanni robes and hood.
  • Grace Darkling for telvanni robes.
  • Vicn, Dogtown1 for creature assets.
  • JonesTheBond, ChampionofHircine, 1shoedpunk for telvanni assets.
  • InsanitySorrow for headstones, rugs, potions, soulgems, pillows, telescope, clock, chessboard.
  • Lilith for Ready Clutter.
  • The_Funktasm for silverware replacement and morrowind clutter.
  • THusky for morrowind armors.
  • XunAmarox for disenchantment script.
  • SrRamrod for stained glass lanterns.
  • gosthy for spider imbuing extended.

What's New in Version 1.01   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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Quick question, would this one be pretty much safe to install mid playthrough? I like the idea of roleplaying as though my Telvanni character grows this tower after honing his magic for some time. Is enabling on an existing save is likely to cause any loss of function? If it is likely to cause issues, even minor, I'll probably just run it from the start for stability.

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3 hours ago, Mad Beetle said:

would this one be pretty much safe to install mid playthrough? I like the idea of roleplaying as though my Telvanni character grows this tower...

yes its safe, install it whenever you like, however you don't grow this, Tel Avius appears instantly.

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