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Lakeview Extended 3.24

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About This File

This is the Normal Skyrim version, if you want the Skyrim Special Edition version then click here.

If you would like to leave me a donation I'd appreciate it.

!! Make sure the original Lakeview Manor is completely build with the upgrades you want to have (through workbenches and steward) before activating this mod or any optional files !!
!! If you start a new game or switch character you need to deactivate the mod and optional files until the Lakeview Manor is build !!

Requires Skyrim Update / Hearthfire DLC / SKSE(skyrim script extender)


  • This mod is not to be uploaded or used anywhere else, not even in mod lists, no monetary gains can ever be made from my mod, not even free donations/patreon/etc, no patches/replacers of/requiring my mod are allowed.
  • Permission is never granted to be used on websites that have a none-revocable/infinite distribution license, if a website does not grant you the ability to permanently delete your own files then don't even bother asking me.
  • I reserve the right to change/revoke these permissions at any point, you must agree to the changed permissions in the future regardless of any circumstances.
  • Any changes, use of content or translations of this mod will require my explicit permission, contact me. (you will have to agree to all the above and mention me as the original author)



  • This mod is all about beauty and lore friendliness, I tried to keep the exterior as simple as possible without making it feel like a castle while taking away the shortcomings of the original. It changes nothing regarding interaction of the original vanilla content, all this mod does is expand the exterior.
  • I also made the mod modular so you can choose to disable/enable certain upgrades if you want to and even install some optional files for other changes.
  • New npcs are added to give it a small town feeling and are realistic regarding their appearance, clothing and use of weaponry/spells, they also keep themselves busy with chores during the day and sleep at night.



(most upgrades, except for the pool/villa/walls/watchtower, can be enabled/disabled by talking to the little dragon in the villa.)

  • Pool -- for those that fancy taking a swim, npcs will take off/on clothing when entering/exiting.
  • Wall & Gates -- north fence and a south wall with 2 gates.(gate keys in the villa chest, see picture "21 Key Location")
  • Villa -- providing beds for 5 people, info book and a small dragon on the wardrobe to disable/enable certain upgrades.
  • Watchtower -- defensible position to protect the fence.(you can train your spell/archery/weapon skills by hitting the target dummies)
  • Extra Flora -- for those that love trees/plants/farm plots, not to mention statues.
  • Fish Hatchery -- for an easy fishing time, same as the Windstad Manor's hatchery.
  • Fungal Cave -- an underground mushroom garden including little chaurus gardeners, entrance at old necromancer's altar.
  • Road -- connecting your manor to both main roads.
  • Hortus Sanctum -- greenhouse cavern including ores, insects and spriggans.
  • Apothecary -- a cave where your alchemist shop is located, including 4 beds, entrance under watchtower.
  • Prison -- tower on top of the mountain, entrance is next to your manor at the bottom of the mountain.
  • NPCs -- a merchant, blacksmith, alchemist, gardener, huntress, housemaid, necromancer, fisherman and 4 guards.
  • Vanilla Necromancer's Altar -- all items of this horrible looking altar right next to your home are disabled and replaced with a garden.
  • Improved Navmesh -- all added content has been provided with new navmeshes, npc's should follow wherever you go.
  • Optimized Exterior -- most objects that are out of your view around the manor will get disabled, this allows for less CPU to be used and a significant increase in FPS.
  • TES5EDIT Cleaned -- first cleaned automatically and then checked everything manually to make sure everything is in order.


~~Optional Files~~

(any of these optionals can be used without my main Lakeview_Extended.esp, they are in fact separate mods.)

  • Lakeview_Extended_BackRoom -- this replaces the backroom of the main hall with mannequins and some weapon racks.(see picture "26 Optional BackRoom_Mannequins")
  • Lakeview_Extended_Basement -- an extra bedroom in the basement with beds for 8 people.(see picture "24 Optional Basement_Bedroom") If however you prefer to have noble beds instead then check out the Noble Beds Version.
  • Lakeview_Extended_CM -- these esp's remove unnecessary collision markers so your npcs can walk past your house, install only one .esp per wing. example: I build the kitchen yet the armory collision marker is there thus my npcs will not walk past it.(see picture "25 Optional Collision_Markers_Fix")
  • Lakeview_Extended_Grindstone_Workbench -- If you wish to remove that useless drafting table, chest, carpenters workbench - Open the console in game, select those items, type "markfordelete", save and load game - This esp will move the normal grindstone/workbench there instead.(see picture "23 Optional Grindstone_Workbench")
  • Lakeview_Extended_Interior -- stops your manor interior from resetting, I made this because I got sick of old items respawning and bumping away my own placed items.



(I will repeat that first yellow warning in more words here: You need to build EVERYTHING on the Lakeview Manor before activating my mod, that includes the house, wings, interiors and all the upgrades the steward provides such as cow, horse, carriage driver, chickens,...
You can choose to skip certain upgrades like interiors in case you want to use other mods for that, or cows/chickens/horse if you simply don't like those, just DON'T try to build anything anymore once my mod is enabled.
Basically you need to construct the entire manor through the bench in the exterior, then all the benches in the interiors and then the upgrades from the steward.
All of this begins if you start doing quests for the Jarl of Falkreath.
Only after this is done you should activate the mod and start upgrading through Nagra the little dragon in the villa, you can still activate/de-activate any of my upgrades through the dragon, but you should NEVER use those original benches or steward anymore.
Failing to heed my advice and activating my mod before you have that lakeview manor finished can result in the following bugs, such as not being able to buy lumber, not being able to hire a steward, not being able to advance through the "build lakeview" quests, certain original upgrades never becoming visible and the lakeview map marker not showing up.
So again, if you start a new game, DE-ACTIVATE my mod and build the original lakeview manor first!)


  • Always make back-up saves before trying new mods.
  • Make sure you are far away from Lakeview manor before installing.
  • Nexus Mod Manager: download the .ESP and .BSA files and activate it to install.
  • Manual: open the 7zip file, then drag and drop the .ESP and .BSA files into Skyrim's Data folder.



  • Dismiss all potential followers from my mod, make sure none of them are actively following you.
  • Make sure you are far away from Lakeview manor before uninstalling, wait 40+ days.
  • You can deactivate and uninstall from Nexus Mod Manager, or manually delete the mod.



  • Since this mod stretches over the whole area around the manor, moving items everywhere, even altering terrain, its safe to guess that other mods in the exterior area are NOT compatible.
  • My mod does not change anything in the interior(unless you use the optional files), so you are free to use other mods for the interior as you please.
  • Compatible with DynDOLOD: obviously you cannot enable my mod until the vanilla Lakeview Manor is completely build, once you enable my mod you need to run DynDOLOD once again and make sure it includes my mod or else objects will pop in and out of existence, however DynDOLOD will not actually create LODs for the Lakeview area so you cannot see the manor (or anything else from my mod) from a large distance, for more details go look under my mod forums tab.
  • Compatible with Lakeview. Manor - As It Should Be, mod load order should be: Lakeview_Extended.esp, LKVM-Part I.esp, LKVM-Part II.esp. Read that mod's description carefully as you need to install that mod BEFORE you build the manor, as opposed to my Lakeview_Extended mod that needs to be installed AFTER you build the manor. Make sure you do not install any of my optional files that change the interior, also do not install the LKVM NoGrass optional file since that will cause landscape incompatibility in my mod


~~Recommended Mods~~


~~My Other Mods~~

Tel_Nalta.png.c428398200fcd4c87e8ddaef64     Tel_Avius.png.a7b6b596c4484fdd68ee988403



  • Dragon in the villa voice/options not appearing -- quicksave and quickload the game, then speak to him again, if even this doesn't help then check to see if you are using the Hearthfire Display Case Fix mod, for some reason this mod disables my dragon from speaking so just disable it for a while until you no longer need to talk to the little dragon and then activate the display case mod again.
  • Dragon in the villa not there -- he sometimes bugs out but you can press that tiny button on hes rock to put him back in position.
  • Enemy spiders/wolfs/bandits/giants still spawning at manor entrance -- you need to wait 40+ days far away from Lakeview so that the exterior can reset.
  • Carriage driver still sitting at old location and floating a bit in the air -- you need to wait 40+ days far away from Lakeview so that the exterior will reset.
  • Floating Grass Fix -- also try waiting a few days far away from the Lakeview exterior cell so it can reset and the grass doesn't float anymore.
  • Some people have game freezing/infinite loading screen when loading a save in the exterior or exiting the manor, removing certain upgrades like extra flora/farms/road/prison/fish hatchery helps with this.(talk to the dragon on the wardrobe in the villa.) If you are unable to get to the Villa to disable upgrades because your game freezes or CTD around the exterior, open the console and type "COC LakeviewVilla", this will directly transport you there. Due to skyrims limited 3.1 GB memory, mods that add an extensive amount of items suffer from this, especially if your also running enhanced texture mods.

Possible fixes for this infinite loading screen:

  • Add/change this to your Skyrim.ini


(these changes will alter how you view the map in-game)

  • Also add/change this to your SkyrimPrefs.ini


(these changes will alter how soon certain objects like plants will show up in front of you in-game, normally everything loads with the standard settings but this causes a lot of lag, with these changes most things too far away from your character will stop rendering and fade out, I highly suggest you use these settings!)

  • Try the NO_NPCS version, some people claim without the npcs this problem doesn't occur.
  • Read the top comment in the "posts" section for more details.



  • sa547 for giving me permission to edit and use hes Lakeview Pool and Hot Bath for Hearthfire mod.
  • jhdez for giving me permission to edit and use hes Lakeview Manor Fish Hatchery plus opt Mill mod.
  • rockyourazz for optimizing the exterior, objects out of view will get disabled, thus lessening the CPU load and increasing FPS.
  • subtanker for providing the pool scripts.
  • dptheslothking for making a nice video.
  • Xubarku, xxGODLIKExx, ps46183 and all commentators that share their idea's and give constructive criticism.
  • B1gBadDaddy for improve skill script on target dummies.



  • Safe Storage -- Only use your own Manor to store your stuff, all the new interiors that I added are for the npcs. All these containers and interiors are set to respawn so they are not safe to store or drop your items. Even if you use the "no-npc version" you still can't use these new interiors to store your items.
  • To let wait time go faster, open console and type "TFC", one day will pass in a second now instead of waiting for every single hour to pass, when done type "TFC" again.
  • If you need to wait 40+ days then I suggest you open the console and type "set timescale to 300000", close the console and then do nothing for like 30 seconds, when done type "set timescale to 20".(its preferred you do this in an interior with no npcs, like Breezehome.)
  • To decorate your home, dump items on the ground, exit manor, re-enter manor, place them where you like.
  • To make your bard Llewellyn essential, type "setessential 03018DE0 1" in the console. He has a bad habit of playing the hero in every fight while dying one second later.
  • If you don't like certain items/plants/trees, you can always open the console in game, select the item, type "disable" or "markfordelete" to remove it. When using "markfordelete" you need to save and load again, but beware that the item will be gone forever, and make sure you have a backup save ready in case you deleted the wrong item. You can also use these commands to make your manor interior better by removing clutter items you otherwise cannot pick up.
  • Since my mod adds guards there is a high probability that when your spouse gets kidnapped(quest) the bandits will be in combat and die before you can open dialogue with them, this can cause a bug to occur that when after you save your spouse he/she will walk backwards all the time and generally does not follow you anymore, as if stuck in place while moon-walking. To fix this open console, select your spouse and type "recycleactor".

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Huh, first comment? surprising. 1: Thank you so much for uploading this mod again, I missed it so much and its a vital part of my games. Screw nexus for the crap they are pulling. 2:, the mod currently appears not to work. I have installed it (and the interior addon) via vortex and when i click to start the game, nothing happens, the game wont start up. But when i disable extended it loads up fine. Is there anything i missed? Thank you regardless.

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On 10/5/2021 at 10:57 AM, neverwinter12 said:

Huh, first comment? surprising. 1: Thank you so much for uploading this mod again, I missed it so much and its a vital part of my games. Screw nexus for the crap they are pulling. 2:, the mod currently appears not to work. I have installed it (and the interior addon) via vortex and when i click to start the game, nothing happens, the game wont start up. But when i disable extended it loads up fine. Is there anything i missed? Thank you regardless.

No idea, try to not use Vortex and just manually install the mod instead, Vortex is giving issues with my mods, other people even told me its renaming the mod name to "deleted" as well, go figure....more Nexus crap.

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Hi Ac3s, why did you leave Nexus? I love this mod a lot and I have downloaded it a few years ago but it was gone after I purchased my new computer.

I wanted to download it again a few days ago, but I couldn't find this mod in Nexus. Fortunately, I found it on this website and everything is running perfectly.

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And I want to say thank you for your hard work. This is the first mold I downloaded after reinstalling Skyrim and it's the best player home mod I've ever seen.

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1 hour ago, iianging said:

Hi Ac3s, why did you leave Nexus?

Because they banned me, I was too "vocal" in my resentment towards their new policy that authors lose all control over their mods and Nexus basically claims all the rights that come with mod ownership for themselves.

All mods you see on Nexus now, all rights go to them, or rather they forcibly take them away from mod authors (how that is legal is beyond me), they basically own the mods, all but in name of course, so they can still pretend mod authors are the real authors, which is meaningless if Nexus claims all control for themselves. Its how Nexus is lately, they do words-play like that.

dumb example: they take away 99% of your money, but you have 1% left for yourself and so they claim its still your money and they didnt take anything, thats Nexus in a nutshell.

They can't stand people standing up for authors anymore, me they banned, others lost comment abilities, and others got threatened in PMs to shut up or be banned as well, I'm not kidding.

Either way, whats done is done and I'm lucky I got all my mods deleted before they banned me or else all my mods would be under Nexus control as well (yes, Nexus can ban people and keep their mods), and I'm glad you found the mod again and hope you can enjoy it once more.

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Pathetic, if it weren't for you modders, Skyrim and all other expansions wouldn't be what they are today. Modders should get together and form some kind of alliance. The work you all put into these mods are off the chart.  They say all the money donated goes to the modders 100%, that they don't keep any of it.  White River Cottage stole my heart, I downloaded it when you put it on Nexus. That's why I'm here today. Searching for days to find your mod and I ended up here. Gotta admit though, first time seeing Lakeview Extended  on this site and it's awesome. Don't mean to be so yakkety, but it's sad what's happening in the dark with Nexus concerning modders and players don't know about it. I really appreciate your work.  Got Skyrim when it first hit the market, just made 70 a few days ago and still playing because of you and other modders.

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4 hours ago, Jasmon said:

Modders should get together and form some kind of alliance

I'm waiting for 2 other websites to finish, been so many months already and they are still working on these sites so lets hope something gets out of it cause the main issue is that Nexus was the "go-to" place for 20 years when it came to mods, it still is today, but with no competition they now feel they can do whatever they want because of greed,, on Nexus its now all about attracting more users and making more money at the cost of authors, which is ironic since authors are the ones making the mods. If I can't even decide what to do with my own mods anymore and Nexus keeps my mods forever and they even have a sneaky "we can EDIT the mods" in their TOS as well, then whats the point of staying there, its like me giving my mods over to them.

For me it came down to this, they always had a standard TOS which said they had an "infinite distribution license" which as Nexus always explained was only valid until the author decided to break it and leave or choose to delete their mods, meaning the author had control and the choice to do as they wanted with their own work, Nexus was just an art gallery.

Now Nexus changed that "infinite distribution license" to mean that authors can't delete their mods anymore, basically they lied those 20 years and now Nexus pretends the meaning of the words now means something else.

And now they also have this "EDIT" in their TOS, the right to EDIT the mods, which they now say they will never use, but as they have just proven to lie and do whatever they want how am I supposed to trust them they won't just begin editing mods in the future? I cannot. And this is how I was also talking on Nexus, generally staying polite and not using any bad language, but really thinking about what it all means and asking hard questions which of course Nexus almost never answered and just called it "misinformation" instead and deleting those comments and pulling a few nonsensical reasons out of their thumbs as well to finally ban me on top of it. Their main reason for them banning me was "You don't want to be here anymore, we will now make this choice for you". And then they also took all my donation points after I asked them to deposit them to my paypal. Thats how Nexus rolls.

But the saddest part of it all, like you said, users know nothing about this stuff, they all just believe its "because of mod lists" cause thats what the Nexus propaganda put out there, and so many users blame authors.

The TOS cannot be valid if Nexus decides to ban someone or if the other person decided to leave Nexus, at that point the TOS is not a two way street since it only benefits Nexus, which on its own right is not legal and any contract like that gets made invalid, its like me and you singing a contract that states you now forever have to do something for me and I give nothing in return. A contract cannot be binding in such a manner that it only gives benefits to one party, that is literally slavery, and that is exactly how Nexus sees authors now, just pawns to be used to make money off and once you put your mod on Nexus, you can't ever take it back, Nexus has all control now. The only thing you can still do is put the mod on other websites of course, since the ONLY right Nexus leaves for you is your right of "ownership", your name, however in the latest addition to the Nexus TOS they also added that they can share mods with their "partners" and do with the mods as they please, so in all honesty what is even left at this point for authors on Nexus, to earn some donation points and lose everything else while Nexus(and its partners) make all the money and decisions and give a bit of donation points back to you. How is any of this better than paid mods?

You don't only get an "infinite distribution license" with Nexus, now you also get an "infinite distribution license" with any partner Nexus chooses, but not to worry, your still the "author" of your mods...that is what Nexus would say, how they would pretend, while doing everything possible to make it completely meaningless since all the rights of ownership Nexus will claim for itself and leave none for the author himself, in effect, they are pretending how an empty glass somehow still has something in it and make you and the users believe in that.

And to think Nexus was so harshly against paid mods, yet look at what they are doing now, I'd even say paid mods was more fair towards authors and at least Bethesda was honest about it, Nexus is doing worse and lying about it.

4 hours ago, Jasmon said:

They say all the money donated goes to the modders 100%

Donations happen as often as lightning strikes, its someone donating direct money to your paypal which is very rare, and even if it does its usually a very small amount that Paypal takes a percentage of as well.

As for donation points on Nexus, its literally a dime you get for every dollar Nexus keeps(or 100% goes to Nexus if they ban the author now since Nexus will simply keep the mods), and Nexus can still decide what to do with the donation points and not give them to you if your not being a good boy, its just another type of leach they use to keep authors from protesting against Nexus, its all this psychological things like "views", "endorsements", "being on top of the mod list to get more users", "donation points", all things that keep authors in check.

4 hours ago, Jasmon said:

Searching for days to find your mod and I ended up here

Didnt you find it with a simple google search?

Also remember Nexus Vortex will rename all my mods to "DELETED", mods should still work though, it just changes the name in its list. Another funny gift I got from Nexus. My mods are all gone from that website yet its software is still doing stuff with my mods that users installed from other website, like seriously...

4 hours ago, Jasmon said:

Don't mean to be so yakkety

You poked my dam, now the flood came out :)   Didn't mean to be so yakkaty.

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Looks like this will need an update for the AE version. Game doesn't even get to a black screen or the Bethesda logo with this mod active. It just silently fails to launch.

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On 12/31/2021 at 6:15 PM, MadCat256 said:

Looks like this will need an update for the AE version...

You just commented on the LE version which is based on the old 32 bit engine, of course the LE version isnt going to work, this LE version wouldn't even work on SE let alone AE...

How about you try the SE version, perhaps that will work on AE.

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On 1/3/2022 at 2:46 PM, Ac3s said:

You just commented on the LE version which is based on the old 32 bit engine, of course the LE version isnt going to work, this LE version wouldn't even work on SE let alone AE...

How about you try the SE version, perhaps that will work on AE:

Apologies for not realizing that my web search for "Skyrim SE Lakeview Extended" lead me to the LE version page.

Unfortunately there was no indication on the page that it was a LE version, that a Skyrim SE version existed, or that there was even a SE section on this site, so I did not go looking any further.

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On 1/9/2022 at 11:01 PM, MadCat256 said:


None needed, I see its not obvious and you are correct, I just did not realize how confusing it is, so on the top of my descriptions I have added text and links now.

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 I have a random question about the voice acting of the different followers/NPCs. Were they all presets already present in the game (possibly spliced together), other games, or were they different/new people that you asked? Just wondering since Ishtar, the mage follower/guard, sounded familiar but I couldn't tell if it was because she was used as a different pre-existing NPC or I've just gone to Lakeview & talked to her so many times. 😆

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On 9/12/2022 at 9:40 AM, Kaitlynnc15 said:

 I have a random question about the voice acting of the different followers/NPCs...

Nothing special about it, just vanilla game voices, nothing was done or changed on any of them.

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