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Lilyvale Town 1.0

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About This File

           Lilyvale Town
                           by Antiscamp


This mod adds a scenic village located on the lake West of Chorrol. It is situated on a
rise that overlooks the surrounding plains and nearby city. It features all of the things
you would expect to find in a rural village. Homes (including a player home), an Inn,
stables, a smith, and guards. There are also numerous AI events that take place in
and around Lilyvale, which add a unique flair.

The Town Guard performs different regular functions, such as a military parade on
Sunday. A band of adventurers gather in the Town Square each day at 6 o' clock and
go adventuring. You can join them if you wish. All in all a great place to visit.

Unfortunately the mod never progressed past the Beta stage. Antiscamp moved on to
other projects, leaving this one as it was. Playable but very much unfinished.  At some
point, members of the community approached me regarding this mod. I had editor
access to Antiscamps other villages and there were open permissions for this one also.


I started on updates for this back in 2015,  and made great progress at first. Then some
ugly things happened in real life. And progress slowed to a crawl as I struggled to muddle
my way through. A good bit of time passed and Lilyvale sat on my desk top gathering dust.

Then one day "The Romans" sent me a PM asking if I would upload an interim file with the
work that had been completed. What you find here is the current state of things. There is
much more to be done so please bear that in mind. I will get back to this in the near future.

My focus in updating was twofold

1. Bring it out of Beta stage. To that end the first task was grounding all of the floating or
    submerged items around the town. Next up was smoothing out the rough landscape,
    to give it a more polished look.  A number of trees were removed from the town center
    to alleviate overgrowth. Added a large waterfall in the "vale" as well as more lily flowers.
    With a name like Lilyvale one expected to see more there. Rocked in the stream to make
    it look better. Added a path to the lowerclass home in the vale. Fixed jagged landscaping
    around the horse pen. Added "Lilyvale" road signs. Plus many other things I'm forgetting.

2. Make the town compatible as possible with other mods occupying the nearby area, and
    create patches for what couldn't be overcome otherwise. There were at least 14 known
    conflicts the last time I bothered to count. More now I think. My efforts on that were more
    successful than I hoped. 

    To make that possible, Lake Lily Inn was relocated from across the main road and moved
    towards the lake. The adventurer camp and bandit camps south of town were relocated for
    the same reasons. Several game cells worth of forest were removed as well. They were the
    source of several conflicts and really amounted to mod sprawl. Some very concise edits
    were made to landscaping and path grid placement at cell borders. The result of all this is
    built in compatibility with eight other mods, no patches required. Patches are still required
    for others.

The main download contains two separate esp files. The standard version and optional Roads 
of Cyrodiil compatible version. Choose one or the other. Patch file folders are labeled according
to which of these main esps they can be used with. Read the read-me files.


Just West of Chorrol


Oblivion patched to 1.2.0416
Shivering Isles


1. Extract to your Oblivion Data folder either manually or using the mod manager of your choice.

2. Set load order and play. 

Load Order

Suggest using BOSS to set load order. Lilyvale and all of the patch files are already recognized.
Specific load order instructions are included with each patch read-me file as well.


Let me start by saying that Lilyvale sits in "One of Those Spots". You know, where everybody and
their brother built a mod. It is a scenic location. But all of those mods each step all over one another.
Compatibility Hell :evil:

I tried engineering this to work around as many of those mods as I could. While that was not entirely
possible, 8 of them are now fully compatible with Lilyvale, no patch necessary.  Unfortunately, there
are at least that many which are not.

Last words, there are some conflict reports which came in after I had already uploaded this. They are
added in the To-Do List below. Some of those may be avoidable with further edits to Lilyvale itself. 
Won't know for sure until I dig into this again.

100% Compatible 
DLC Battlehorn Castle
DLC Knights of The Nine
UL Chorrol Hinterland
UL Chorrol Hinterland for Better Cities
UL Colovian Highlands
UL River Ethe
Verona House: Bloodlines

100% Compatible via Alternate Esp
Roads Of Cyrodiil

Patched Conflicts
AFK Weye (path grids only)
Battlehorn Castle Upgraded (path grids only)
Hoarfrost Castle
Tona's Mods Store

Still To-Do
Artifacts of The Ancestors
Bandit Hideouts
Battlehorn Castle Refined (perhaps not, abandoned and author says not safe to use)
Pinewood (perhaps not, requires relocating and there are no safe spots nearby)
The Forgotten Tower
Villages (Fort Turjak)
Oblivion Uncut (unverified, but adds a location at Spyrock)


Bethesda         - for Oblivion and the CS
LHammonds    - for the readme generator this file was based on
Tes4Edit          - for cleaning the dirt from my mods
Antiscamp       - for the original Lilyvale Town and permission to use it
Arthmoor         - for use of ROC landscaping which saved me a ton of headaches
Edhildil            - for the DMRA Skimpy Armor (eventually to be replaced)
Me                   - for almost two years of off and on work on this

Legal Stuff

I have left a copy of the original mod file on the Nexus page under "Old Versions". Per Antiscamp's
original readme, that copy is free for anyone to use in any way they see fit, so long as proper credits
are given. 

This updated file is not open for use at this time. I still have much to do and plans in place. Thank you
for your patience and understanding.


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19 hours ago, Lefty Scaevola said:

This is the same version as the 2016 1.1 version at the Nexus?

Is that you The Romans? Yes it's the same file just migrated over. I kind of rushed trying to get everything moved over here so flubbed on the version number.

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Yep, TheRomans (which I use only at Nexus, my son picked that name).  Lefty Scaevola is my most common name on the web, followed by my evil side name Cruelty/Lord Cruelty/Lord Cruelty V. 

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