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Better Drumlin Diner (Survival Home) 1.0.3_Previs

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About This File


This is my first attempt at changing world spaces in Fallout 4 for my survival play through. Since Drumlin Diner is one of the first merchant/vendor areas you come to (other than Trashcan Carla) This provides your character with a middle point between Corvega and Red Rocket to store your gear and get some rest. The workbenches are linked with a Power Armor, Weapons and Armor workbench all sharing storage. I have also added a second voiced Vendor "Rebecca" who will sell general goods (leveled to player) if Trudy gets killed or just as a second vendor at Drumlin Diner. I am constantly revising this mod for better performance and play ability, so send me those bugs and enjoy!


Concord Revised.esp
Minuteman Watchtowers.esp

2 Versions

Main Version: Vanilla No DLC No Precombines
Option 1: DLC Version with rebuilt Precombines (tested working with just Fallout4.esm)

UPDATE 07.22.2021 - Added Migrated file from NEXUS to Here...Glad I'm with all these legends!

UPDATE 03.05.2019 - Added simple Terminal/Holotape lore unscripted quest that provides some back story on the Drumlin Diner Characters (Tried to keep it somewhat lore friendly but I did make some creative additions to make it more interesting)

UPDATE 05.03.2020 - Added second level to add another bed. Recombined previs for all DLC version.

UPDATE 07.05.2020 - Changed the entry way for the Shack raised the roof (possibly causing the pathing issues) edited navmeshes for area. Recombined previs for all DLC version.

UPDATE 07.06.2020 - Added a farm, farm trailer and voiced farm vendor to Drumlin Diner. Tweaked some navmeshes. recombined previs for DLC Version.

UPDATE 07.07.2020 - I finalize the navmeshes and performed some minor mod cleaning to help with performance for both versions. Does not require a new play through. 

All Vanilla Assets

Included Assets from OC Decorator and Do-It-Yourshelf in my MOD and in compliance with their usage policy I have credited them below. (Please go to their pages and endorse/download their mods - assets included in my Ba2 to keep the mod light)

List of included assets from the OCD and DIY included in my archive



Scripted Light Switch in Shack behind Diner

To Do List:
Rebuild Pre-combines for the diner to improve play-ability
FIX NAVMESH to allow followers to use upper level. 

Recommended Mods:
Lighting Series AIO - by Ceasless adds lighting to the Drumlin diner adding to the ambiance

Plays well with the following mods:

Concord Expanded 2.0 (pre Opt) 
Concord Revised
Inside Jobs 
Boston Natural Surroundings (Load mine after for 100% compatibility)

Beantown Interiors Edits world space at Drumlin Diner and can be incompatible I no longer support the patch for this.

Boston FPS Fix - I have been using my mod with Boston FPS Fix for some time, load mine after and you should not have any blinking world issues with the ALL DLC version. Vanilla file untested with BostonFPSx for reasons.

Fo4FI_FPS_Fix - My mod has recombined VIS and PREVIS which WILL CONFLICT with this mod causing Preculling (Blinking World Syndrome)  - You can try to load my mod after this one for compatibility. Untested!


RedRocketTV: For online tutorials on scripted light switches
Seddon4494: Making me think through vague tutorials that I love to watch
mcface and EbokianKnight: OC Decorator 
dinozaurs: Do-It-Yourshelf

What's New in Version 1.0.3_Previs   See changelog


Added Previs file 


User Feedback

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No problem, I'm also hosting it on Collective Modding Discord in both versions DLC and NO DLC




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