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Empire Total Factions 2.1

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Download the ETF21 archive and extract it into a folder (preferably empty).

Run the ETF21.exe and follow the instructions.

Make sure Empire Total War is installed in the Steam folder and not outside of Steam, otherwise ETF won't work properly.

I know you can have DarthMod Empire TW (DME) installed at the same time, but need you to change the setting "DME - Ready" to "DME - Vanilla" in the DME launcher first before launching ETF.

Should you have any issues then post about it here.

All credit goes to HusserlTW as the original author.

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Hi there, 

I cant instal the think, it says ,,Not enought free space on disc....." Well I do have enought free space unless it needs 280GB :D

Any advice? Thanks, im looking forward to try :)


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Found a fix that works ...  

Right click the app and open properties
Click compatibility mode
Change the compatibility mode to Windows 7

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Uranus is huge

Posted (edited)

its cant find it and says i should check if its been written correctly

fixed it. but it dosent start the game it starts loading then suddenly shuts off without a error message.


Edited by Uranus is huge
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i ran it through virustotal and HEUR:Trojan.MSIL.Generic came up, what is it

and is it a false positive

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