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Scoia'tael Bows











Scoia'tael Bows it is a modification that adds to the game two new bows.
Scoia'tael Longbow, Scoia'tael Shortbow and two sets of arrows.
Everything available in Elven category at the forge.
(you must have Elven Smithing Perk)






The modification is compatible with all other mods because it only adds new items to the game and does not edit any existing ones.






Installer is compatible with

Wrye Bash and Nexus Mod Manager.





If you notice any errors please let me know.

Of course, all with approval from Wicked_Jester.

Pretty cool what you did there



To be honest, I don't really play skyrim that regularly anymore and therefore also stopped updating my mods or create new ones.


Because of that, I'd suggest the following:

You upload your stuff somewhere to nexus.
I'll post a link on the mod's original site directing the users to your update.
If you want to modify the files futher, you have my permission to do whatever you please with the files,
so you don't have to check back with me everytime you want to change something ;)

If you have finished the upload, just send me the url, and I'll add it to the original mod page.

Thanks for your great work.





Thank you Wicked_Jester for the Scoia'tael Weapons and the possibility of further development of this mod.
3ds Max Nif Plugin
CD Project for their original textures for the bows and quivers.
AFK Mods


You CAN NOT use anything from My modification on website that makes money directly or through advertising.

>>> The only exception is www.nexusmods.com <<<
You CAN NOT use anything from My modification on Steam Workshop or Bethesda.net.
In other cases for permission ask via PM.


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