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Armor & Weapons

Go into battle with new gear of all types.

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  1. Warmer Guards SSE

    These are the two Warmer Guards files, which were previously removed from nexus.   Choose one or the other, but not both.
    Warmer Guards adds Skaal clothing to Dawnstar, Windhelm, and Winterhold guards.  They will still wear their normal guard helmet and shield, and carry their normal weapons.  
    Warmer Guards with Imperials adds the same, but also equips the Imperial-aligned guards with a chainmail-reinforced version of the Skaal clothing, if they take possession of the one of those holds.   The other holds in the game are unaffected.
    In the future, I will upload a version for the Imperials, which does not have the chainmail.
    Cleaned with xedit, no requirements.  Edits outfits. 

    If you use a bashed patch, you may need to manually remove some of the original guard equipment from the bashed patch, or they may spawn with both their original gear and this, and then wear what they like.




  2. A Chainmail Cloak

    This is the chainmail cloak mod, which was previously available for PC on nexus.  This was made using a Cloaks of Skyrim mesh, thanks to Nazenn's generous permissions.  It does not require Cloaks of Skyrim to function.  It will perform and clip the same as any other cloak from the same mod, something I'm afraid I'm unable to do anything about.
    The chainmail cloak, while probably not a very realistic armor concept, was the result of my trying to figure out normal maps and transparencies.  It looked kind of neat, so I put it up for use. 
    This is considered as clothing, but with the steel material keyword for crafting purposes.  It does offer some protection, uses slots 40 and 46 to avoid conflict with normal armor.  It can be forged with steel, leather, and leather strips, and tempered with steel.




  3. AnathemaStudio's Stormbringer: Twins

    AnathemaStudio's Stormbringer: Twins

    A new version of our AnathemaStudio's Stormbringer mod. Adds both the infamous Stormbringer and its feminine twin Mournblade swords, both 2H and 1H (with scabbard) versions, as well as the ability to switch between them at any forge, including the Atronach Forge. 

    These dark, demonic swords hunger for the souls of your victims. They are alive and will howl at the thrill of the hunt.

    Found in The Midden (under the College of Winterhold). The 2H versions rest on the Daedric symbol of the Atronach Forge.

    These custom swords are 2K with glowing runes, embedded gemstones that look like a dragon's eye, and scars along their flesh-like black blades from their creation - when the original mythic Dragon Blade was broken into Stormbringer and Mournblade. Stormbringer has glowing red runes and rubies, while Mournblade has glowing purple runes and amethysts.

    Crafting and Damage:
    Both swords are powerful; enchanted with a strong Absorb Health, and Soul Trap; they will also heal you when you block.
    For level 1 character: 1H does 70 damage, 100 crit damage, 84 dps; 2H does 80 damage, 105 crit damage, 96 dps. These stats increase significantly for higher level characters.

    You can use any forge in the game to switch the 2H versions to the 1H, and vice versa. The current sword will be used as materials in the process, and destroyed. As such, you can only carry 1 set of the swords at a time. 

    **On top of the "Atronach Forge Manual", on the table, is a torn page that you'll definitely want to pick up also. You will need it for the forges. As a crafting hint, look at the number of gems on the swords, and think about what feeds them.**

    Our original Stormbringer mod used a note to activate the healing while blocking spell, now the swords are scripted to activate this spell automatically. However, if for any reason it does not work, you can find the "Save Yourself!" note sitting on top of a dresser in the room next to the Atronach Forge. Reading that note will also activate the spell.

    **You must deactivate and delete the old Stormbringer mod before installing this one. If you don't, what will happen is that the spell will not auto activate on the swords, there could be texture issues, and crash to desktop. **

    The Midden:
    There are three ways to get into The Midden: the trapdoor in the northern corner of the College's courtyard, the trapdoor at the bottom of the stairwell in the College's Hall of Countenance, or through a cave in the northern face of the cliffs that the College sits upon - the rather tricky way to enter it without joining the College. 

    Requires Dawnguard DLC.

    **This is just a Sneak Peek**
    We're working on expanding the mod into a quest mod based on part of the Elric saga, written by Michael Moorcock. That mod will include: part of the Elric story, changes to the swords to reflect the "addicting" nature of them, as well as "vocalizations" to both swords, several characters, and Elric's specially enchanted ring. There are parts of TES that are obviously based off Elric's saga, so the mod should flow seamlessly with TES lore.

    Looking for modders to help with scripting, voiceovers, interiors, and custom character creation. If interested, please contact me through my profile.

    For those who aren't familiar with Stormbringer and the Elric story:
    "The most unsettling aspect of Stormbringer is the fact that it is alive and self-aware. The sword can be quite vocal, screaming, grumbling, howling, murmuring, moaning, and even singing at times. It is capable of slaying even gods....

    Stormbringer is a manifestation of the Black Sword, a cosmic archetype that can exist in any world of the Multiverse. In some universes, it manifests in other ways... It is even suggested that Stormbringer and perhaps any Black Sword's true form is that of the humanoid demon." - https://stormbringer.fandom.com/wiki/Stormbringer

    "Stormbringer is a magic sword featured in stories by Michael Moorcock. Created by the forces of Chaos, it is a huge, black sword covered with runes...This powerful enchanted black blade is a member of a demon race that takes on the form of a sword. Stormbringer's edge is capable of cutting through virtually any material not protected by potent sorcery, and it can drink the soul from an unprotected human upon delivering any wound, even a scratch." - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stormbringer

    On PC: 
    Add all BSA files, or files/folders and the ESP file to Skyrim SE's Data folder, which can be found here typically if you have Steam:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data

    Without Steam, look here maybe: 
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Skyrim Special Edition\Data

    **If using the BSA files, versus the assets in files/folders, make sure to "register" (list) the BSA files in the Skyrim.ini file (on the lines where all other BSA files are listed), or you will have missing files (looks like yellow exclamation marks). If you don't know how to do this, let me know and I'll tell you.**

    No known incompatibilities.
    Though, if running Static Mesh Improvement Mod (SMIM), let my mod win any file conflicts, and load mine later in load order. SMIM may replace vanilla meshes and textures used in the cell that the swords are in. 

    This is SMIM:

    Also possibly incompatible with mods that modify the WinterholdCollegeMidden01 cell, the Atronach Forge, or change the way the forges function in the game. Mods that add forges or recipes will be fine. If you have a mod that renames the gems or soul gems, for whatever reason, it's not a conflict, but you will need to figure out which items are the standard rubies, amethysts, and black soul gems. Please load this after those mods in your load order.

    This mod has been cleaned with SSE Edit.

    Permissions and Credits:
    Stormbringer: Twins includes custom meshes created by Shroudmoth75, textures created by both Shroudmoth75 and AnathemaStudio, as well as scripts, effects, and misc items created by AnathemaStudio.

    Healing effect when blocking is, with permission, from chimericWilder's Blade of Rebirth https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/8613
    This mod is not required.

    If you want to use the sword in your mod, please contact me for permission first. I check often, so you won't be left waiting, and you will most likely get permission. If given permission, please give credit to AnathemaStudio and Shroudmoth75 for our work including a link back to this mod, and let me know where it is uploaded so we can play it too.
    When the quest mod version comes out, that is a whole other matter.

    I can be contacted through my AFK profile or my Nexusmods.com profile at https://www.nexusmods.com/users/4240625
    You will need to get permission from chimericWilder for the Blade of Rebirth healing effect separately. They are on Nexusmods.com.
    Reviews of Our Original Stormbringer Mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/43516
    #4 in Skyrim Top 5 Mods of the Week #182 (Xbox One Mods)

    Skyrim SE Mods - AnathemaStudio's Stormbringer

    AnathemaStudio's Stormbringer Skyrim SE Xbox One/PC Mods

    XBOX Versions:
    AnathemaStudio's Stormbringer: Twins

    (Original) AnathemaStudio's Stormbringer: 




  4. Fenrus's Overpowered Destruction Magic

    Free and 'as is' mod for Skyrim SE PC. (Requires base game only.)
    Note: This mod is just for fun and contains cheat/overpowered items.
    Inside the cave to Helgen Keep lies a chest. Inside are some overpowered spells. (Where you exit with Hadvar or Ralof.)
    Chest Contents Includes:
    Ring of Reduction - Reduces cost of all magic schools by 100%\r\n Amulet of Immunity - 100% Resistance to disease, poision, magic, fire, frost, shock.
    Fenrus's Fists - Gloves that do additional 1000 damage.
    Fireball 5000 spell - Fireball that does 5000 damage.
    Shield 1000 spell - Improves armor rating by 1000 points. (Lasts 1 hour/3600sec.)
    Sparks 5000 spell, Icespike 5000, Flames 5000, Frostbite 5000. (Super improved overpowered versions of the Sparks, Icespike, frostbite, and flames spells from the base game.)
    Longer lasting conjure demora lord (lasts one hour.)
    My water walking spells. (2 versions - 60sec / 600sec. Note cannot swim with these in effect.)
    Plus some existing base game clothing to look like a mage. (If required. Unmodded.)",




  5. Armor Variants Expansion


    Armor Variants Expansion aim to adjust and increase variety of armors on Skyrim, by add new armors custom models to some vanilla and usual armor category trying to be closest to the  lore friendly definition. This is not a repleacer models mod, but it add new variants in the same way as the vanilla Skyrim original sets.

    All variants are complete of models for both genders and races, enchantments, world locations, level lists so NPCs, crafting and upgrade recipes as the vanilla game.

    More in details, for the moment add a new variants, complete and integrated, for:

    -Iron (helmet, cuirass, an heavy tower shield and a wooden one in light category for the hide variant).

    -Steel (two horned helmets, one simple, two armors with one new Padded variant and a Rounded shield).

    -Dwemer (helmet and cuirass).

    -Leather (helmet and cuirass).

    Plus it add two new almost endgame sets for alternate the unusual use by common high level hostile NPCs, such as bandits, of the Nordic Carved set and the Glass set; in particular:

    -Improved Steel Plate set (one helmet, one cuirass and gauntlets). This set is equiparable/similar to the Ebony set, so it will be craftable and upgradable with the Ebony Smithing perk.

    -Improved Scaled set (helmet and cuirass). This set is equiparable/similar to the Glass set, so it will be craftable and upgradable with the Glass Smithing perk.

    Future plans:

    Make more variants for other sets.


    Use the Mod Manager.


    Niftools community with their NifSkope.

    Ousnius and Calientefor BodySlide and Outfit Studio.

    Bethesda for the game.


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  6. Dawnguard Arsenal SSE

    Author: MadCat221 (MadCat221@gmail.com)
    Version: 1
    First release: APRIL 21, 2019
    1. Introduction
    2: Installation
    3. Version History
    4: Credits
    The Dawnguard.  Skyrim's last best hope against the Volkihar Clan menace.  They have a variety of specialized tools of the trade.  However, this arsenal seems... incomplete.  They have a Crossbow, a War Axe, a War Hammer, and a small collection of Sun Damage spells.
    This mod aims to expand their arsenal.  The melee weapon set is now complete, the Sun Damage spell is now nearly as complete as the main line Destruction spells, and the arsenal is now doled out to the named Dawnguard members as well.
    A list of changes:
    * Dawnguard blade weapons.  These were made from scratch.  A dagger, arming sword, and greatsword, each at Dwarven tier base damage like the two original Dawnguard melee weapons.  They all have the Dawnguard emblem on the hilt, and Arkay's braided knot on the pommel.
    * Dawnguard Battle Axe and Battle Hammer.  There is now a 2H axe, and in place of a mace is now a 1H hammer.  When all you have is a Dawnguard Battlehammer, every vampire looks like a nail.  These weapons have been interspersed to a few weapon racks in the fort.
    * Dawnguard melee weapon special damage has been improved.  Instead of a measly +5 damage against only vampires that is easily outdone with plain Silver weapons, it now behaves like Silver weapons (with +20 damage against a wider variety of unnaturals).  Against vampires in particular, it has more stagger power (except daggers which never had stagger power to begin with) and inflicts a bleed effect.
    * Dawnguard weapons are now craftable, and have "Elite" versions available as well, boosted up to Glass-tier.  These can only be forged at the Dawnguard smithy.  Compatibility version with Ars Metallica is available.
    * Sun damage spells are fleshed out and added to Florentius's inventory.  In addition to the original Sun Fire, Vampire's Bane, and Stendarr's Aura, there are now the following:
    ** Sun Ray: The piddly little Novice concentration/spray spelll.
    ** Meridian Rune: Granted by Meridia, the Daedric Prince of Light, this proximity explosive rune burns undead but nothing else.  Hey, the Dawnguard takes whatever help it can with the Vamprie menace.
    ** Holy Ground: The hazard spray spell.  Bless the ground so that nothing profaned by undeath may walk upon it.
    ** Gaze of Arkay: The big daddy master spell.  Unleash a torrent of sun damage in a manner not unlike Lightning Storm.  It'll be available at the same time as Expert-level Restoration spells.
    * Existing sun damage sound effects have been adjusted to be more appropriate.
    * Several Dawnguard members have been uprated:
    ** Isran should now sport proper heavy armor, and his warhammer has been replaced with a new Greatsword.
    ** Sorine should now start with a Dwarven (standard) Crossbow and some steel bolts.
    ** Gunmar should now have a Dawnguard Battlehammer once he joins up.
    ** Florentius will now have robes that don't clip with his armored boots/gauntlets, and will get rid of his junky iron sword for a Dawnguard sword. He's also sporting a repertoire of Sun damage spells.
    ** Many other less prominent members have had armament switcheroos as well.
    ** Ideally, these will work with a New Game.  However, I have made a retroactive script that should effect these changes as well.  Much of the aspects on the NPCs in question that I altered may be baked in data in the save.
    * Dawnguard armor only now requires at least three pieces to gain the Vampire-resistive effects.  This allows you to go hemletless but still have the body, boots, and gloves components and gain the Vampire resistance.
    **** SSE ENHANCEMENTS ****
    * Normal and envirocube mask textures have been upscaled to 2K for enhanced detail to the shinyness!
    * The De-LARPed Dawnguard Axe now comes standard with this mod! In the event that I rerelease Skyrim Weapons De-LARP-ified for SSE, just overwrite when prompted; they will be identical.
    Unpack the ESP module and BSA archive into your Skyrim Sppecial Edition/Data folder and activate.  If you use the latest version of Ars Metallica, it is strongly suggested to use the compatibility patch, have Dawnguard Arsenal load after Ars Metallica, and the patch load after both.
    v 1.0:
    * First Release
    v 1.0 (Jan 24, 2016):
    * First release.

    v 1.1 (Jan 25, 2016):
    * A method to have sun damage spell impacts create light has been devised.  All light spells will now have a actual (brief) light flash at the point of impact in addition to the existing impact mesh.
    * Gaze of Arkay has been rebalanced to be more in-line with existing Destruction damage/magicka ratios (IE: roughly 50-60% the base cost for the same base damage)
    * Gaze of Arkay had to have its effects reconfigured to remove an un-circumventable bug where it would cause aggro despite causing no actual damage to the naturally living. As a result, there can be no more explosions at impact point.  Please report back on visuals: Too bright?
    * Sun Ray's projectile light has been toned down.
    * A few USLEEP fixes have been carried over into override forms.  No dependency requirements added.
    v 1.1.1 (Jan 29, 2016)
    * Adjusted sound output modes for sunfire explosion sound effects (copied to new Sound Descriptor records)
    * Added an extra socket piece to the pommel/grip joints on the blades.
    * Adjusted lights on some of the "fake hazard lights" for the projectile impacts.
    * Removed an unwanted fire particle system from the Holy Ground hazard nif that I thought I already removed.
    * Gunmar's inventory now updated to include a DG weapon or two, as well as one guaranteed silver ingot every restock.
    * New texture set devised to differentiate the Standard and Elite blade weapons.  The original textures are now the Elites, while a new darker spottier texture is the standard.
    v 1.1.2 (Feb 9, 2016)
    * Gave Gaze of Arkay a Turn Undead effect for 10 seconds to help with crowd control since Master spells root the caster in place.  Removed cast wind-up on Gaze of Arkay.
    * Cleaned up the module of several abandoned-in-place form records for ideas that didn't pan out for assorted reasons.
    * Refined the specular map for the standard non-Elite blade weapons.
    * Altered the texture grayscale map used on the Meridian Rune.
    v 1.1.3 (Mar 20, 2016)
    * Reduced Gaze of Arkay Turn Undead effect to 5 seconds for balancing.  It's still long enough to keep them away for crowd control while discharging Gaze of Arkay, but not much beyond that.  Want it to last longer?  Then just cast His gaze upon them again, it'll re-apply the effect at 5 seconds.
    * Corrected some scripts on the weapons so they have the Dawnguard perk add script.
    * Boosted the brightness and radius of the Vampire's Bane impact light.
    * Fixed the load screen sword art.
    * Correctly pathed the Elite bladed weapons to their proper meshes.  DSR users may need to re-SkyProc them, but the DSR'd elite blade meshes are already in place and properly tex-pathed.
    * Revamped the Elite blade textures to have a mottled metal grain like the standard grade.  They're still higher-albedo metals than the standard, just with a better metallic pattern.
    * Added a lingering light splotch in the trail of the Gaze of Arkay beam (similar to the lingering trail that Potema's constant-effect lightning bolt).
    v 1.1.4 (May 5, 2015)
    * Meridian Rune is now affected by Rune Master perk.
    * Reworked elite dagger diffuse texture to be more in-line with the other diffuse textures.
    v 1.1.5 (May 18, 2016)
    * Added an ARMA form to ensure the new and optional Dawnguard female reconformed armor sleeveless light variant does not cause crashiness because of an engine bug.  If you don't use that optional addon, this will not do much of anything.
    v 1.1.6 (July 24, 2016)
    Fixed a shader flag error in the material properties for the dagger blood edges that prevented them from appearing. DSR users may or may not need to regenerate; I do not know how that works or if you can just plop in overwriter assets for it.
    v 1.1.7 (August 20, 2017)
    Complied with recent fixes by USLEEP v3.0.10 pertaining to Beleval. Cleared out extraneous Tamriel worldspace data. BSA is identical to previous version.
    4. CREDITS
    Sovngarde font (used in description page imagery) by MistValkyrie: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/386
    Leather texture by Tsabo6 (Alexander Nanitchkov): http://www.deviantart.com/art/Leather-texture-82368154
    Metal texture by Nobiax: http://nobiax.deviantart.com/art/Commission-Medieval-textures-406572548
    Ars Metallica by Arthmoor, compatibility patch made with permission: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/16084/?


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  7. Stormfang Reborn

    Ulfgar the Unending, member of Ysgramor's "Five Hundred Companions" hold his sword, the Stormfang, for centuries till the duel against the Nerevarine.

    Custom model based on the Morrowind Nordic Claymore style, with a little buff on base damage.




  8. Scoia'tael Bows

    Scoia'tael Bows



    Scoia'tael Bows it is a modification that adds to the game two new bows.
    Scoia'tael Longbow, Scoia'tael Shortbow and two sets of arrows.
    Everything available in Elven category at the forge.
    (you must have Elven Smithing Perk)


    The modification is compatible with all other mods because it only adds new items to the game and does not edit any existing ones.


    Installer is compatible with
    Wrye Bash and Nexus Mod Manager.


    If you notice any errors please let me know.

    Of course, all with approval from Wicked_Jester.



    Thank you Wicked_Jester for the Scoia'tael Weapons and the possibility of further development of this mod.
    3ds Max Nif Plugin
    CD Project for their original textures for the bows and quivers.
    AFK Mods



    You CAN NOT use anything from My modification on website that makes money directly or through advertising.

    >>> The only exception is www.nexusmods.com <<<
    You CAN NOT use anything from My modification on Steam Workshop or Bethesda.net.
    In other cases for permission ask via PM.




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