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A simple village expansion for Soljund's Sinkhole.

Soljund's Sinkhole is another one of those places where it just seemed odd that more was not done. A mining operation that by all accounts would be thriving were it not for a draugr problem. An area that 3 people are effectively living in, with only two actually being housed, and one of whom is a marriage prospect for the player! Such cramped conditions cannot stand, and so this small expansion has been done to relieve the crowding problem.

* Guard barracks for the guards to live in, with one extra patroller added due to the dangerous area. The jail is just for show, sorry :P
* Perth can now share his house with you if you marry him.
* All added houses are radiant quest enabled, so you may get Companions missions and anything else that's properly configured to use NPC homes for quests.
* LOD has been generated for the area.

What's New in Version 2.0.4


Fixed some broken border connections on the navmesh.
Cell height data for the settlement has been updated.

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I see in the bread crumb trail this is supposed to be SSE, but the tag is just Skyrim. Just FYI, caused some confusion, at least I think it is SSE....

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2 hours ago, aristotle99 said:

It would help to know what year the mod was updated.  August 11, what year?  I have 2.0.3 from Nexus.  Not sure if this is Skyrim or SSE.

This is the SSE version, the Oldrim version can be found in the Oldrim section, obviously. And the mod was last updated in August this year.

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The jail may just be for show! But I'll have u know, years ago I did lock a guard in the cell successfully! lol Great mod, as always, Arthmoor.

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