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Hey there and welcome to my mod :wave:

This mod contains a badass greatsword for mages (something that was missing for ages). It's a heavily modified keening that got the "Ragna-Rok-ification treatment", means its as usual brutal as fudge.

Craftable at any forge (ebony section), temperable and enchantable. You will need some empty grand soul gems and some corundum ingots to do so. Stats are slightly lowered ebony greatsword values.

No overpowered stuff.

Compatible with any other mod in existence.

(All as usual)

Could be that I put the greatsword in the Archmages quarters in the college in another update and make it uncraftable at the forge then, or make the equivalent sword and / or dagger... wasn't sure about that yet and thought "just upload it and wait for some feedback". Another idea is to set up a "change textures in-game workaround", so, you get the thingy, and if you add some fire salts to it the texture of the blade gets recolored red (also a specular / reflections change, in case you wanna put some fire enchantment on it).

On another note, this thingy is a milestone for me since it's the first time I managed to make a static weapon with Blender that has got multiple parts with several shaders and reflections and even blood effects... though I removed the blood effects again after some in-game tests, crystals have a surface that would make any liquid drop / flow down directly, I tried to keep it as realistic as possible.

Have some fun :cookie:



Ragna_Rok from TESAlliance for creating this mod.

All the creators of the countless Tutorials on TESA, thx for sharing and teaching your knowledge <3

The guys that made Blender, Gimp, DDS-Converter, FO3Archive, WinRar

Bethesda for Skyrim and the CK



If anyone making a new-land-mod wants to use the weapon for their mod then ask for permission to use them by contacting the author (Ragna_Rok) on tesalliance.org, usually those kind of mods get supported with most of Ragna's gear, it's mainly about keeping track on what gets used where. Just ask, I don't bite... at least most of the times.

Every permission given will be stated right in the perms on the mods main release page on TESAlliance. (http://tesalliance.org/forums/index.php?/files/file/1882-crystal-greatsword/)


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