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Shield of Magnus 1

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Author: MadCat221 (MadCat221@gmail.com)

Version: 1

March 14, 2014

1. Introduction

2. Installation

3. Version History




When the Snow Elves took Sarthaal, the Eye of Magnus was not the only mythic artifact they found within. They also found a shield with remarkable magical properties: the Shield of Magnus.

When the terrible retaliatory wrath of Ysgramor and his Five Hundred Companions fell upon them, the Snow Elves fled Sarthaal with the Shield, as it was much more portable than the Eye.

As the Snow Elf realm gradually fell to the atmoran invaders, the Shield of Magnus traveled with refugee snow elves into Blackreach, where they were indentured to the Dwemer. The Dwemer were just as fascinated with the Shield as the Snow Elves were.

However, the Dwarves eventually disappeared inexplicably, leaving many of their Skyrim holdings in the possession of the now twisted, feral remnants of the Snow Elf race: the Falmer. One particularly powerful Falmer warrior in Blackreach has found the Shield of Magnus again, and roams underneath the cavern's underground sun.

The shield has a weight of 12 and a base armor rating of 32, and improvement is enhanced by the Dragon Armor perk. It requires a Grand Soul Gem and an Ebony Ingot to improve. The shield gives the wielder a passive 20% Absorb Spell chance effect, occasionally consuming the magical yield of a hostile spell into the magical potentcy of the wielder. When raised to defend, the Shield of Magnus projects a light magical ward. If used to powerbash, it will send out a short-range energy wave that will absorb magicka from whatever foes it hits for a short time.




This mod requires the Dawnguard DLC due to Auri-el's Shield grip mounts being the most easily adapted to the back of the Shield of Magnus. Additionally, the powerbash spellcast scripting was adapted from the Dawnguard Rune Hammer's.

The mod itself is a simple ESP/BSA combo. Install and activate as normal.





Initial Release.


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