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Name: Ruins of Malamath

Version: 2.0

Build Start Date: 11/18/2009

Beta Test Release Date: 11/20/2010

Final Version Release Date: 02/03/2011

Category: Dungeons

Author: DSoS




Oblivion 1.2.416

MMM, OOO, etc is recommended (But not required), vanilla is fine, but you may not run into alot of enemies.




Malamath was long lost, but recently discovered. The adventurers that discovered the Ayleid ruins were never seen again. Many say its pure evil inside that cold stone door. Could the be right? Have you got what it takes to adventure inside? Try your luck, and watch your step!!!




Location is South of Timber Scar Hollow

Level 15 or higher recommended.

Beware of your step!




1. Extract this archive to the Data folder. No overwriting should be needed!

2. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, and enable the .esp file(s).

3. Save

4. PLEASE WAIT FOR x-Amount of days (3-days if vanilla) for the place to re-spawn and new enemies to be loaded. If you do NOT you WILL (most likely) CTD upon entry.




1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file(s).

2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod. (Usually under the folder name of "DSoS")




If you have had the previous version installed, you MUST UNINSTALL IT.

Delete the malamath.esp

Delete the following folders:





I believe that is all of the folders that were included with the first version. Make sure to do a search for "*malamath" (without the quotes) (the star helps sometimes to find things especially with Windows 7)

After all files are gone, just place the new plugin file and the bsa into the data folder. Go in and check it, wait for 3-14 days for respawn and find the location and start exploring.


PLEASE WAIT FOR x-Amount of days (3-days if vanilla) for the place to re-spawn and new enemies to be loaded. If you do NOT you WILL (most likely) CTD upon entry.




None Known


Known Issues:


A few icons look odd... I can not figure them out, tried several times to fix them.

Modifies Timberscar Hollow exterior cell a bit... this is intended for landscaping!! NOT A ISSUE!!!




Sept 06, 2008 - Initial Upload to TESAlliance.org

Beta Test Release Date: 11/20/2010

Final Version (hopefully) Release Date: 02/03/2011




DSoS at TESNExus and TesAlliance.org




Thanks to Nottlong, Khettienna and Ysne58 for Beta testing this massive mod and dealing with my oddness of redoing a few things without warning.

Thanks to Meo for Ayeid Clutter 2.0 (Thanks to Myrilath for the Ayleid clutter original idea.)

Thanks to Ceano for a few basic textures for Ayleid clutter 2.0.

DaMage for Garden Pots, Custom modifications of many items.

Insanity Sorrow for creating the icons for the weapons and armor.

Tarnsman for the Ayleid Coin Add-On

Ayleid Tile-set Expanded by The Vyper

Kevin MacLeod for his Fabulous Music and sounds used. (incompetech.com)

css aka css0101 for his Ancient Elven Furniture

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.

Thanks to InsanitySorrow for his ReadMe Generator this is based on.

***And the other people that I may have left out here.***


Tools Used:


Insanity's ReadMe Generator

Elderscrolls Construction Set










You must contact me and obtain my permission before re-packaging any part of this mod. If I do not respond within 2 weeks, feel free to do whatever you like with this mod.


I updated Malamath for the following reasons:

*Created a BSA for malamath. (Included with the 1.5.0b (this version your testing)

*Light sources and lights don't match up at some areas.

*Disabled some exterior items, until triggered by player in Dead Mans Caves.

*All custom items *should* have icons new, weapons, armor, clutter (plates, bowls, etc.)

I think that is all that I fixed that needed to be fixed.

oh btw, I would suggest being atleast level 15+.

I know that some areas will most likely cause lag, but it shouldn't lag for too long. I've had reports from the first release about little lag but wasn't a big issue.


Have at it and let me know what you find or don't find.

Thank you

What's New in Version 2.0


  • UPDATES (From Beta Testing):
  • Malamath_V1.5.1b_ESP_UPDATE.7z - Updates ESP file only. Fixes several issues found by Nottlong!
  • Malamath_V1.5.2b_ESP_UPDATE.7z - Updates ESP file only. Hopefully this fixes the Dark Brotherhood pirates... if not I will replace all the containers in the area.
  • Malamath_V1.5.3b_ESP_UPDATE.7z - Updates ESP file only. Fixes crates and barrels outside Deadman's Caves, hopefully. Khett's Collision box suggestion for Greenery walkway.
  • Malamath_V1.5.4b_ESP_UPDATE.7z - Updates ESP file only. Fixes the Nagasel door for "Needs Key"! (This was suppose to have been done, but I hadn't saved in awhile and lost it when computer locked up.)
  • Malamath_V1.5.4b_CLEANED_V_DO_NOT_DOWNLOAD.7z - Does not update any new additions or edits... This is a cleaned version of the 1.5.4b, I cleaned it, i think, but would like Khett to check to make sure I did it correct. AGAIN DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS VERSION!!!
  • Malamath_V1.6.5b_BSA_ESP_UPDATE.7z --- Complete update including the ESP, includes a new BSA. Make sure to fully uninstall and make a clean save before loading this, and wait for 3-14 days. Sorry guys.
  • Malamath_V1.6.6b_ESP_UPDATE.7z -
  • * Fixes previous issues
  • * Still no icons made for the arrows or varla nuggets.
  • * Made a door or two "Needs Key."
  • * Added a couple of things in Varlaseli.
  • * Fixed a LOT of landscaping issues, floating objects, lowered/raised land where needed.
  • * Added a "Hollowed out Rock" somewhere (try to find it!!!).
  • * Should have fixed those Altars that were too high and blinking black on the ground (hopefully).
  • * Fixed (???) the pirates fighting each other.
  • * Fixed the Ayleid Plaque grammar, and added a extra word or two.
  • * CLEANED with Gecko AND TES4:EDIT (fixed deleted refs and identical to master issues) (I think)
  • * Maybe more, I can't remember everything I did
  • * Created a Screenshot for the exterior of Malamath (I know it sucks)
  • Malamath_V1.6.7b_ESP_UPDATE.7z
  • * Various fixes
  • * a little landscaping here and there
  • * Ayleid King level fix (increased from 10 to 20)
  • * Other miscellaneous fixes. (Floating rocks, flora, trees, etc.)
  • * Cleaned with Gecko and TES4:Edit. - Removed a couple Identical to Masters, and undeleted ~5 deleted refs
  • Malamath_V1.7.8b_BSA_ESP_UPDATE.7z
  • * Most (if not all) Fixes from what Khett found. (I tried my best to go down the list and fix what I could. I might have missed one or two, but I tried my best!)
  • * Added a couple of scripts and trig zones in Welkyndseli for the hidden tunnels... Find out what I did, you'll be like WTH!!!
  • * Added a barrel FULL of Pants!!!
  • * BSA Update, with arrow and varla nugget icons, and the Helmet EGM file. (Icons are still weird, even after saving them as DXT5 ????)
  • * Maybe more, I really cannot remember everything I did. lol

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