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  1. Dragon Aspect Enhancement

    SKYRIM NEXUS MIRROR: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/71686?
    Author: MadCat221 (MadCat221@gmail.com)
    Version: 1.0
    First release: November 30, 2014
    1. Introduction
    2: Installation
    3. Version History
    4: Compatibility Issues
    Does Dragon Aspect seem a bit... dorky-looking to you? Dragon head hands, dragon head codpiece (whut?), no legs, no feet, no love for archers or destruction mages for kill skill enhancement... Meh.
    So I fixed it. I did some overhauling of a lot of the meshwork:
    * Hands are now true 5-digit appendages instead of dragon heads (spliced from the chitin heavy mesh if you wish to know).
    * There are now leggings around the knee and lower leg.
    * There are now feet. I originally was gonna get permission to use Grimoa's Plantigrade Beast Feet for a basis, but no response was forthcoming so I made my own.
    * A dragon aspect tail! This required assigning the beast skeleton to all the non-beast races, read below in compatibility issues.
    * Some overall tweeking all around for better conforming (such as bust space for the female DBA chest portion).
    * A low rumble and distant dragon roar to accentuate your invoking the full power of the Dragon Aspect.
    * Ancient Dragonborn Helpers are now sexually dimorphic (randomly chosen) and have under-bodies as well as all the above visual enhancements. They also have an ethereal axe now too.
    * Miraak is enhanced too!
    As for the gameplay buffs, they are largely identical to what I have for it in Dragonborn Ascendant (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/17010/?):
    * Magic armor buffs all around
    * Inclusion of damage buffs to all kill skills, not just melee power attacks.
    It is just a module and a BSA, so install as normal. This mod requires both Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs.
    v 1.0:
    First release.
    Because I had to alter the RACE records, there may be compatibility issues. I built in compatibility with Left-Handed Rings. Because the tail skeletal armature was needed, I changed all non-Beast races to use the Beast skeleton.
    Alas, because of something going on in the tail HKX project files, it precluded the tail working with pre-existing beastfolk tails, and thus only the Ehlnofey races (Men and Elves) will have a dragon aspect tail. Sorry...
    It will in all likelihood NOT be compatible with other Dragon Aspect mods.




  2. Vanilla Body Lattice - Male & Female

    For converting _0 nifs into _1 nifs.
    Requires Body Clothing Converter.
    Some post-adjustments will be required.
    Updated: 03/11/15
    - contains both a male and a female full body lattice (not including head)




  3. Boethiah's Cloak

    What It Is
    Creates a wearable item that doesn't use any equipment slots
    that grants the visual effect of Boethiah's Ebony Armor that is
    awarded to the player upon completion of her Daedric quest.
    Vampires are immune to the sun while wearing her cloak and
    the visual effect is constant. Now with full Vampire Lord
    The original version now also has a spellbook included with the
    cloak. This teaches a castable version of the cloak but it does
    not have the same SPF rating as the cloak and vampires will
    still have their troubles with sunlight while using the castable spell.
    The effect lasts for about a minute of real time.
    A perfect exterior for your dark and brooding interior.
    What It Isn't
    Unlike the Daedric Artifact it does not include the silent
    movement or poison cloak damage effect. The Artifact is
    also only active while you are sneaking - this one is always
    on, baby.
    Where it Is
    At Boethiah's Sacellum, on the other side of the Pillar of
    Sacrifice is a cauldron. The cloak is lying at the bottom
    of the cauldron.
    Optional Files
    You may also choose to install the Silent version which
    retains the 100% muffle of the Daedric Artifact or the
    Sneaking version which reverts to only active while
    sneaking like the Daedric Artifact.
    And Vanilla Skyrim versions for those without Dawnguard.
    Manual Installation
    Choose which version of the mod you would like.
    Extract the .esp and .bsa (if present) to your Steam>steamapps>common>Skyrim>Data folder.
    If you change which version you want, simply repeat the
    first two steps and overwrite if/when prompted.
    Manual Uninstallation
    Remove the .esp and the .bsa
    Report possible Bugs via PM
    Future Development
    Complete a possibly radiant quest to send you to search for and restore the cloak - Development Thread
    Dawnguard versions will not be compatible with any mods that modify these files -
    Also available on The Nexus and Steam Workshop and TES Alliance




  4. The Horkerpocalypse

    No one knows why it happened. Was it revenge? Were the Gods angry with us? Was that mage who left here cursing our names responsible? It no longer matters. We are in the battle of our lives! Windhelm has been overrun. There is little hope. Nothing we can do to save ourselves. To whomever reads this note, we beseech you. Stop this madness before it takes us all straight to Oblivion! It's here! The Horkerpocalypse is upon us all!
    -- Note found pinned to a post outside Windhelm sometime last night. Is that a beer stain?
    From the demented minds of the AFK Mods team comes a mod with absolutely no true purpose whatsoever. Born of a chat session that got just a bit too... weird. Come, hero, prove yourself worthy. Save the citizens of Windhelm from their beer induced delusions if you dare. Do you have what it takes to stop The Horkerpocalypse?




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