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have these two bugs been confirmed and are they fixed or planned to be fixed by ssepatch?


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Has the bug with Breton's dual wielding power attack not being able to stagger enemies been fixed yet?

its mentioned on uesps dual wielding or breton race page 

On UESP there isn't mention of a fix. also there are users that reflect this bug happens to other races as well now in AE for unknown reasons




Does the unofficial patch fix it? or is it more of an hard-coded problem that mods can do but little to change? nothing from unofficial patch docs about dual wielding bug related to races as far as i can see



Do cloak spells still cause dead thralls to die with unofficial patch? (I understand summons no longer do from the unofficial patch docs, but not sure about dead thralls)


I am confused as there are conflicting answers from players, uesp.


In the document for unofficial patch cloak spells are said to no longer cause summoned creatures to die. but i am not sure if it entails dead thralls / reanimated beings. 


on uesp it says cloak spells would do that, but it was fixed by installing dawnguard. (though it was an unverified item)


some players on reddit say that cloak spells still cause dead thralls to die off in ae unpatched , unmodded. 


Can anyone confirm whether this has been patched? thank you.

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1. It has been previously reported, you can see the report here. There's not enough evidence for us to 'change' the current behaviour.

2. I don't believe it has. Again, there's no evidence of this being a bug.

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