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Updated download files are not show in the What's New

Lefty Scaevola

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I saw in a thread that Molapi had been updated, but  it did not show in the What's New selection in downloads.  This can make it easier to miss updates.  I check the What's New each time I visit.

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That's unfortunately a limitation in the IPS package. They don't have a "Recently Updated" section to enable.

"What's New" only shows actual new uploads, not their updates. So the only way you can keep track of that is to follow the things you download.

Perhaps IPS can be persuaded to include this, so I'll give it the long shot with them and see what comes of it. Just know that even if they do take the suggestion on board it'll be months before they act on it.

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If you setup your email correctly for notifications, new version updates are sent directly to your email address, if that's what you're worried about.



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