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Wintersun Faiths - Changing God Names Based On Race


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I am just starting to dip my toes into modding Skyrim, and as part of my first project I wanted to create a patch for the Wintersun Faiths of Skyrim mod that gives certain gods lore accurate names depending on the player's race (Kynareth > Kyne for Nords and Khenarthi for Khajiit) without creating any new deities. Kyne would be exactly the same as Kynareth, just with a different name and slightly different description.

Currently I'm tinkering with a duplicate of the Kynareth shrine blessing file to try and create a prompt for Nords that still has the same effects and tenets as Kynareth. The png shows the menu for it. I wanted to know what global value or whatever else I should set it to in order to make the name of Kynareth for Nords Kyne without making a whole new deity.


mod .png

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