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Starting to make mods is difficult?


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I am a pure maniac but i just have the scene of a REAL SKYRIM DRAGON WAR, destruction everywere, really like medieval documentaries, so in this dragonbreak that i have was raining  

AND THERE WAS MUD, MUD, MUD, REALISTIC, BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT MUD, but I remember that even in the best current games made by studios, not discrediting the work of modders, quite the contrary, but the mud from studios is bad, the disney mud is bad so i looked at my laptop to think, and there it as a stamp that said


so I remembered, DLSS, renders the physics, and puts textures of at least 16k so as not to lose quality so it decreases

!: When I imagine Arthmoor or any other great modder making mods I imagine their creative flow like mine :P

If some of you who make mods can tell me if this idea is at the same viable I would be very happy

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You want mud that makes footsteps? Somebody has figured out how to do footprints on snow. Take a look at it.

If you want mud that squishes around, the game engine definitely doesn't support it. You'd need to make a loadable code library patch. Painfully difficult.

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