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[RELZ] PrgLnch: Launcher for Mod Executables


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What does it do?


Recommended for older games (or programs) having limited in-game resolutions,
or those games or utilities best run in Batch on multi monitor configurations.
For those with rapidly devolving vowels, this program endeavours to bring
a special consonance between the Prg of execution and the operating host
channeled by an aura of immaculate Lnch!
Could there be some kind of karma permeating through the outer shell of Prg already?... 
It's a kind of Program launcher that features:

  • Selectable Resolution for Prg
  • Batch Processing of Prgs
  • Prg Info Stored in ini File
  • Support for Prg on Multiple Displays
  • Http Download to Update Prg
  • Optional LAA Patch which can be Applied to Prg
  • An Additional Serving of Delectable Oddities Available to Prg of Limited Perceivable Use
  • Accompanied by a bunch of explanatory ramblings wrapped up in a contextual help file. 
In other words, a completely unessential, but portable utility for launching programs singly, or in tandem, or not at all!

Most players of Bethesda games are passing chuffed with the popular mod launchers for executables- PrgLnch offers creators and designers more flexibility in mod accessibility, functionality, and interaction in a productive environment. Such as:

  • Dedicated LnchPad Slots for each game
  • Batch Presets for specific tasks
  • Power Plans in Batch Runs
  • Multi Monitor Support
  • Much more

For many years most mod managers shied away from launching executable files, for a variety of reasons, the most common of which could be identified as a form of paranoia. Well, in these days of more robust security protection on Windows, not such a problem anymore, yet shelling external programs is not a highlight of these mod managers. This is where PrgLnch comes in, offering a rather more curated approach in handling popular mod executables.

What PrgLnch Isn't:

  • A plugin manager for TES games (mod managers handle that)
  • A program installer (doesn't download or install 3rd party programs from the internet)
  • A program analyser (doesn't debug programs or provide crash dump info)

Windows-  (XP and up that can run 64 bit code.)

Late Beta Release.

Handle downloaded file: 
(The signed PrgLnch code will not preclude a few Defender and SmartScreen warnings.
Those can be changed or muted according to the option list selection atop the Apps & Features section in Windows Settings.)

What to do?
Check that additional monitors for use are connected to the desktop, (one working monitor is fine).
Copy the file into a folder of choice, (if the package is zipped, extract exe) then launch PrgLnch. It creates an ini file if one is not present, else most extant ini files from 1.X are compatible.
To get started with Bethesda game mods now, skip to the next section.
Click Prg Config, and choose an empty slot on the top left to add or drag in desired program (Prg), checking options
for the Prg such as resolution, options for resolution, priority, command line parameters and the rest.
Use the button (question mark at top right of dialog) for context help, also refer to "Getting Started" section in Help.

Getting Started for Bethesda Game Modders:
Click "LnchPad Setup" button on the right of the PrgLnch batch dialog. This extracts the LnchPadInit.exe file
to the current directory,  so Windows Defender may offer a tray tip with something like "scanning for 10 seconds".
To see PrgLnch setup for Skyrim and Oblivion, refer to the videos below.
To set up LnchPad Slots for your modding tools,  select your game of choice and start the search!



  • The mods have to be already installed on the rig before PrgLnch can use them.
  • The LnchPad search engine makes a very large memory store of NTFS file headers, if your disk has a lot of files, this store can be gigabytes in size, thus will fail if RAM is not sufficient.
  • Extra LnchPad Slots can be setup to run for executable mods with command line options e.g. XEdit or Wrye Bash.
  • As opposed to running a combination of game mods by themselves, it's not recommended to launch the actual games (or script extender launchers) in a Batch Preset along with other Prgs, unless the game itself is the last to launch in the batch. A Batch Preset with just the game by itself, or its extender launcher is also a good option, with astute regard to the launch settings in the PrgLnch Options.
  • The 12 mods for each game were chosen mainly on (alleged) popularity and usability. As the choice was subjective, suggestions to the inclusion of alternative LnchPad Slots are very welcome.
  • The decision to choose either Vortex or MO2: Chose MO2 because at the time it was subjectively assumed it was more likely to benefit from PrgLnch than Vortex.
  • Happy Modding :)

Here's a video of launching well-known mods on a two monitor rig where Skyrim files are located (do forgive the 90s era Java Indonesian/beans wallpaper):

Music Credits Jeremy Soule, from The Northerner Diaries.

Here's a similar demo for Oblivion with a three monitor rig and a larger number of mods discovered:

 Music credits to Matti Paalanen from the fantastic Celestial_Aeon_Project.

Other Stuff:


Just a note that the (AHK compiled) file has been submitted to MS Defender, and found to be clear of viruses or malware, on many rigs the file may elicit warnings until the latest virus definitions have fully propagated. Shouldn't be too long, as an alternative, the virus definitions can be updated with a click in settings.At the time of publishing, the scan results are surprisingly good, with VirusTotal scoring only 1/70 as unsafe. Because PrgLnch.exe extracts LnchPadInit.exe, there might also be a system notification on the copy, and so for this reason (if not the former), LnchPadInit.exe has also been awarded unsafe by the same identity in the above 70 vendors.

Tested on Windows 10.

Links : Github, AHK, Nexus.

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