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Came for a Mod, Stayed for the Company

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Hi everyone!

I originally signed up on AFK Mods in order to grab a copy of Arthmoor's Alternative Beginnings mod for Oblivion. While I was here I decided to explore the place a bit and a found a lot of good info and a lot of helpful people. So I figured I would hang out here for a while.

A bit about myself: I love to play video games, but (perhaps paradoxically) I don't play a lot of different games. What I tend to do is find a game I really like and then proceed to play the heck out of it. I'm big into roleplaying, and as long as a game allows me to create different types of characters in different types of roles, I'll keep playing it.

It all started in the late '90s with the original Diablo. I was passing the door to a housemate's room when I heard interesting noises coming from within, so I poked my head in and said, "Hey, what's that?" ...and the rest was history. Played Diablo until Diablo II came out, which I then proceeded to play for the next 10 years. (Told you I played the heck out of things). D2 was also my first intro to mods; after the 1.10 patch came out for D2 I soon downloaded Nobbie's Classic mod. Then i started wondering how all this mod stuff worked, found a few tools, and started messing with the game myself. I have a computer engineering background, so for me, playing around with the workings of a game can be as much fun as playing the game itself (sometimes perhaps more so).

In 2013 my brother introduced me to an interesting-looking game called "Morrowind". I gave it a shot, and after nearly giving up on it (I didn't understand the leveling system and couldn't figure out how to get the "experience" needed to level up), I gave it one more try and finally found the magic (with a bit of help from the UESPWiki to figure out the leveling thing). Talk about role-playing possibilities! Morrowind became my go-to game for the next 7 years. I added a few mods to it, mostly texture replacers; compared to the 100+ .esp load orders of some gamers, I ran pretty mod-light (maybe 15-20 .esp's in a typical playthrough). I also started using the Construction Set to take a look "under the hood" and see how things worked. I wrote a few mods for my own personal use, usually just little things I wished the game would do differently or the odd feature I thought was lacking. Never released any of my mods publicly, though; I never thought anyone would be interested in them.

After about 7 years in the Dunmer province (with a time-out for a foray into another game my brother introduced me to called "Arcanum"--talk about role-playing possibilities!), I left the Ashland wastes of Vvardenfell for the greener pastures of Cyrodiil. (In fact, I had finally bought a new computer capable of running Oblivion; my old machine met the processor and RAM specs for the game but didn't have enough VRAM.) Since late 2020 I've been exploring the reaches of the Gold Coast, the hills of the Colovian Highlands, the lush woodlands of the Great Forest, the... muddy woodlands... of Blackwood (sorry, Bethesda, that's not a swamp), the snow-covered peaks of the Jerall Mountains... so many places to see. I finally finished my first run-through of the Main Quest relatively recently, after racking up 1,083 hours of gameplay with my current character. (Told you I played the heck out of things.) My mod list for Oblivion currently numbers 60 installed packages, mostly texture replacers, my load order consists of 31 .esp's, 12 of which are merged into the Bashed Patch. So, yeah, pretty mod-light. And, yes, I downloaded the Construction Set and have poked around "under the hood"; 4 of the mods I use are ones I wrote myself for personal use.

I have yet to venture into the frozen realms of Skyrim or the vast reaches of ESO; those are for the future after I've finished with Oblivion (I have another 3 character builds I want to try out first, and my current character hasn't finished the Mages Guild questline yet). Someday... someday...

As far as internet presence goes, I used to hang out at The Amazon Basin forums (as "Grayloch") back in the D2 days, and I've been active on the UESP forums since 2015 and have contributed to the UESPWiki since 2018 (both as "Wolfborn").

I don't normally make huge posts like this one... matter of fact, I usually don't post all that much at all; I tend to stay in the background and listen to conversations rather than take an active role in them (I do this IRL too). So you may not see me around all that much, but I will be here from time to time, to see what's new and hopefully learn a few things along the way.

If anyone has taken the time to plow all the way through this wall of text, I salute you and commend your perseverance. :P

Take care, all!


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Hi, Wolfborn!  I don't play many games either.  My gaming repertoire has dwindled over the years mainly to games made by Bethesda Game Studios.  Games made by other developers just don't offer me what I'm looking for.  

I also got hooked on Bethesda's games with Morrowind.  I must have spent at least 10,000 hours playing and modding that game over the years.  I even met my wife on Bethesda's forums.  We were both regulars in the Morrowind Mods forum back in 2002-2003.  Out of all the games BGS has made so far my favorites are Morrowind, Skyrim and Fallout 4.  

Stick around!  It's a great place.  :)

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Welcome to AFK, Wolfborn (and yeah, I read your whole post as well!)  A bunch of great people here - and whether you are participating or just lurking, it is still a great place.  And besides cookies, we have drink:flagon:

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1 hour ago, Wolfborn said:

Hi all! A much-belated thank-you for the warm welcome; I've been rather busy IRL and haven't had a chance to check in here for quite a while (as you can see).

Cookies and drinks! I'll have to try to stop by more often!

Indeed you do, Wolfborn!  And maybe post some pics from whatever game you happen to be playing, as well!  Until then, here you go - :bigcookie::bigcookie::flagon::beer:

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