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Signup needs a lot of work


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Welcome aboard, new friends:wave:  You have successfully passed the audition. Hahaha:rofl:  Kidding...  I've been here for a while now and had nearly forgotten what a royal PITA it was to get logged in that very first time!  Ugh!  I actually knew the answers to the questions I was asked... by my third attempt...  yet, I still confirmed my answers on google just to make sure as I did not want to repeat the process again for a fourth time.  I get it.  Good news is that you only have to do it once.  The questions are banal and CAPTCHA is ridiculous.  The images are so fuzzy and pixelated that it's hard to tell a bus from a train or a boat from a plane!  "Click on the images of a bicycle" it said once... WTF?  Is that a bicycle or a motorcycle?  I cannot honestly tell them apart from this awful image! 

So yes, we have all been there, done that and fortunately not doing it again... unlike Nexus who shoots me into a CAPTCHA screen just to edit a single word of one of my PM comments.  You won't see any more of that now.  So, welcome to the forums! :)  There are lots of cool folks, cool mods, interesting conversations and helpful topics too. 

Enjoy and adventure ever on new friends, Phat:blackhand: 

PS:  A couple of my characters dropped by to say, "cheers!":beer:44744-1611453200-745310519.jpeg47935-1617305857-2117398567.jpeg

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2 minutes ago, lmstearn said:

What I don't understand is why the Captcha folk don't think a hostile robot couldn't extract the text of the question and Google its own answer!

Damned smart @$$ bots!  Hahaha:rofl:  Pretty sure they are attempting to overtake the planet... hmmm...  maybe they have!

I'm with you brother :)  Adventure ever on, Phat:blackhand:

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5 hours ago, tangylion said:

I succeeded in getting thru but now the site keeps telling me my password is wrong but only on my laptop. I can get on every time on my phone. Wth is with that? 

Do you use a password manager? Does the same thing happen after resetting the password?

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Do you use Chrome? This is the link to passwords to paste in the url box:


Type in afkmods in the Search Passwords box on the top right to find the record where it can be changed. Here's mine:


Similar kind of process with other browsers. Also check the international settings for input keyboard is consistent with that of the phone, or at least US, else there may be weird stuff going on with "@" symbols and the like in the password.  :)


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