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Wrong vanilla pricing of Alteration Potions?

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This is on SSE 1.6.342, but it is probably the same in all Skyrim versions.

The value of different Alteration Potions doesn't seem to correspond with potion size.
Here are the potions ordered from weakest to strongest (which should also be the same as from cheapest to most expensive - but that is not the case):

Potion of Alteration  - effect magnitude  25, potion value  49
Draught of Alteration - effect magnitude  50, potion value 530
Philter of Alteration - effect magnitude  75, potion value 828
Elixir of Alteration  - effect magnitude 100, potion value 227

...that doesn't seem right, and does not correspond to how other potions are valued, which is: the better the potion, the more expensive it is.

I cannot imagine why this would be intentional, so maybe it should be corrected and included in USSEP, after careful consideration of course.

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Other potions also having similar pricing problems:
Potions of Conjuration, Illusion, Light Feet, Invisibility.

Weirdly enough, i checked the Invisibility potions in the game, and their prices shown in the UI does correspond to their effectiveness.
So, i guess the value is just some base that is used in calculating the actual price, where after adding various factors into the calculation, the result is correct?

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Bug reports should be made in the project bug tracker. That being said, I'm not overly confident that what is being described can be addressed properly since at least some of the calculations are automatically made internally by the game. I know for certain that handmade potions with similar issues can't be fixed. Still, it can't hurt to add tickets for the inconsistencies so that they're on record for later reference. If you do choose to do so, please add a separate ticket for each group. For example, one for the Alteration potions, one for the Conjuration potions, etc.

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Yes, should also be in bug tracker. But after prior discussion, Arthmoor suggested we discuss broader pattern issues (such as this) here. Most folks don't track the tracker, so there's too little discussion there.

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There's no problem with discussions. My point in bringing up the bug tracker was to inform them that bugs are most likely not going to get investigated and (maybe) fixed sitting in the forums. Instead, they often tend to be forgotten after the discussion ends.

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