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Serana Fixed Completely?

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Hello, after a hiatus of a couple of months, I'm returning to Skyrim for its Anniversary Edition! :)

Having had trouble with Serana as a companion under certain circumstances in the game previously, and having read the USSEP changelog a little, I'm still not entirely sure:

With the current version of the USSEP, are pretty much all issues regarding Serana fixed?

I'd like to specifically highlight her state after she's been cured: Commentary on the sun, wearing her hood outdoors, green human eyes yet persisting yellowish glow etc.

If just any of you authors may tell me if you think this has all been fixed, or will be, I'd very much appreciate that. :unworthy:

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Things like commentary on the sun and wearing her hood are not actually bugs, so they would not fall under the Unofficial Patch Team's area of concern.  I will leave it to a member of the team to give a fuller answer - but if you do encounter what you think is a bug, it should be reported using the Bug Tracker.  For full information on reporting bugs, please see:



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I'll respectfully disagree with that notion: Things which logically or lore-wise should be adressed be the USSEP are and have been in the past to my knowledge. :shrug:

In the same manner, the USSEP changelog states that Serana's vampire drain spell is removed from her after she's been cured.

But yeah, if any of the authors of USSEP may give a little more information on the state of bug-fixes for Serana in general, again that would be great. :dancing:

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If you go to the first post here ..

.. Then scroll down to the bottom of the first post, you will find a link to the Complete Change Log (all UnOfficial patches list the most recent changes in the first post, and link the full thing at the end).

Go to the complete changelog, and press F3 to start a search, type in Serana.

There are 40 hits for Serana related bug fixes, just keep hitting return in the search to go to the next one.

If you are using Google Chrome, the F3 search box tool has up / down arrows, you can click those instead of pressing return to increment the search results.

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As others have stated, we have an extensive change log which documents the bug fixes that are included in USSEP. Most log entries have a bug ticket number referenced, which will often provide further details on the fixed issue. At the top of the change log page there's a box where you can type in the bug ticket number and easily view said ticket in the tracker by pressing the "View Bug #" button.

Just for the sake of clarification I'll go ahead and address the original post as best I can below.

All of Serana's keywords that affect vampirism (and being undead) are stored in the ResponsiveNPCVampireKeywords alias on the DLC1NPCMentalModel quest. If she's cured, she will be removed from that alias and won't have vampire specific abilities anymore.

As you saw in the change log, we fixed an issue with her still having access to her basic vampiric drain spell after she's been cured. An issue that would cause her inventory access to become blocked due to her collecting an unremovable stack of hoods is also fixed.

Commenting on the sun: This isn't something that we would consider to be a bug. Even a cured vampire would likely not be overly fond of sunlight. This would especially be true in Serana's case since she had been a vampire for so long and spent so much time underground.

Wearing a hood outdoors: An intentional design decision on the part of the developers. Serana has a script that controls wearing her hood in daylight conditions. The script states that as long as she wears her vampire outfit, she will also wear the hood that goes along with it when outdoors. You can apparently give her a different type of armor to prevent that from happening, if it bothers you.

Persisting yellow vampire eyes: Not something that can be addressed without the use of SKSE. Since we don't want to make SKSE a requirement for using USSEP, the issue can't be addressed on our end.

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Hey, I've been away for a little. Thank you all very much for the replies. I understand what's been fixed for Serana a lot better now, and I can totally see how some of these things are debatable. I'm just as much willing to accept the USSEP's interpretation of i. e. commentary on sunlight as my original thoughts on it, both fits the character after all. :)

As for Serana's hood, I think It's good to know it's attached to her default outfit.

Still, there is left one minor gripe/ request I've got about her cured status:

May someone who knows exactly where the game makes any changes to Serana after she's been cured (edits record data, runs scripts, switches models or textures etc.) be willing to gift me a tiny mod which removes everything regarding appearance changes entirely, yet keeps every other changes after she's been cured, and also fowards all potential fixes from the USSEP related to those, in case the USSEP touches the same things in any way (the removal of the vampire drain spell and the eyes textures swap may be within the same script,  I'm not sure)?

This way, I believe whatever I might install on top for Serana's appearance may not possibly get messed up. Either way, it should get rid of the persisting yellowish glow in her eyes after she's been cured for good. Yeah, it's not exactly Christmas yet, but it'd make me a really happy lad. :wub:

Greetings once more! :unworthy:

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