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Concentrated Fire damage bonus

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After some quick tests I am a bit confused about Conentrated fire's damage bonus (+15%/20% Damage in VATS for Perk rank 2 and 3).

When lining up the shots it looks like an ever increasing damage bonus, probably 1.15/1.2^n, (where n is the number of shots-1).

Once the sequence starts however, it feels like it is either only a one time increase, or doesn't work at all.

Since I don't know how to dive deeper into the respective entry point, I could not verify yet, what exactly I am seeing here and whether this is a legit bug or I'm just turing crazy.

Does anyone else have experience with it or has observed oddities with the Conentrated fire damage bonus, too?

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After some more quantitative tests (thank you Brotherhood Paladin-Commander guarding the Boston airport), I can report, that the damage increase works and is consistent with the shown damage during the line-up of the shots (minus some rounding errors/minor perk effects it would seem).

I killed the commander with headshots under different conditions

1) No Concentrated fire -> 13 shots till dead. Healthpool closer to 12 shots (with a few pixels remaining after the 12th)

2) Concentrated fire rank 2 -> 11 shots toll dead, Healthpool ~ 10.5 shots big

3) Concentrated fire rank 3 -> 10 shots till dead

each test was repeated at least 3 times.


-> Conclusion: The damage effect works, it is a one-time increase however and does not become stronger with consecutive shots.

Imho this is intended behavior and the description of the perk rank 3 is chosen to distinguish between 'gaining accuracy' and 'doing more damage', though arguably, it is not very clearly worded.

"In V.A.T.S. every attack on the same body part gains +20% accuracy and does 20% more damage"

I'm not sure how this could be worded more clearly in the rank 3 description, but minimum I think the rank 2 description should be changed to read:


In V.A.T.S. every attack on the same body part does 15% more damage.


Tracker Entry

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