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USSEP and Invisibility Eye Fix

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I'm not reporting this as a bug or incompatibility. I'm just curious if this is something I should patch?
As shown in the screenshot, in XEdit, with conflict filter on, it appears an Invisibility Eyes Fix script overwrites a USSEP script in the Shadowcloak of Nocturnal Magic Effect.

2021-06-23 23_49_12-Greenshot.png

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The only explanation I know of is that there is a loose script that's overwrite USSEP

So, I wonder what mods do you use and have you tried to reproduce the issue without mods except for USSEP.

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It's not actually overwriting the USSEP script, they are two different scripts that his esp does not include. You can safely move the USSEP script into the invisibilty eyes fix.esp.

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