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1 hour ago, Handy6373 said:

Oooo I really like the hair on him, and those eyes.

The hair is made by another modder who asked me for help setting it up in game.  They will be releasing it soon on nexus.  The eyes are from the mod Lamae's Gaze by Pandorable you can get it also on nexus.

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Rhiego, a Breton (with the Bandit -Alternate Start) whose story was mainly about finally figuring out which college his Pa meant. His bandit-background makes for a good Battlemage, I think. I'm not planning on doing the main quest, Dawnguard is uncertain and he couldn't care less about the civil war.

In hindsight, I should have picked a more Frenchy name.

Fallout 4:


Rosa. I planned on playing the DLC and siding with the Brotherhood of Steel in the MQ with her but before I got to Nuka-World, FO4 began to cause my computer to reboot after a few seconds of playing. Probably had something to do with me replacing the PSU with a new one. I later fixed that by just turning off windowed mode, but at that time I wasn't in the mood to play FO4. I'm still not (it's summer! Season of liiifeee, not post-apocalypse. I also try to be on the computer less during the summer). She'll probably enter Nuka-World in the fall. Also, BoS doesn't really seem to suit her anymore, so I'll probably ignore the MQ with her too.

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