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OK I'll kick this off by telling you all about the Mods used to make this small project of mine. A couple of years ago I found a world space mod by aaronbrown9898 called "The Island" and it impressed the hell out of me. It can be found on the Nexus here The Island at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com) 

It is a beautifully crafted island which can be played as a normal world space mod or as a survival start mod for a new game. It has an add on patch for Arthmore's "live another life" mod where you the player are shipwrecked on an seemingly uninhabited island in nothing but your smalls. You must survive and find a way off the island. It is a mod designed with a hunter stealth archer type character in mind but is also playable with other builds. The more you explore the more there is to discover, there is a quest involving the Dwenmer and a animal follower of sorts. It is not without its faults but nothing game breaking, the odd floating tree and occasional clipping through terrain stuff normal to a Beth game. Go look at the mod page on the Nexus for more info on the mod itself aaron has done some sterling work in my opinion. As I played the mod the saga of Uncus began to be born in my mind, I hope we can make the journey of discovery with Uncus together as he survives and eventually returns to Skyrim to complete his quest to find new lands for his tribe.



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Lovely!  Well described and the screenies help hugely.

This amounts to a lot of work sweetie, so much appreciated hmmm.  I know when I had my journal written up years ago….it was a hour in-game and two hours writing it up with dialogue and drama. 

It's an enjoyable tale to follow.



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Could not agree more, been a bit hectic here but not have a couple of days off and a fortnight Thursday II retire then things should be more relaxed. Will be getting some new stuff out soon ASAP. No the whip will not be nessercery it will only distract me.

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