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Open Sourcing CK

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No matter how many Bug reports we file, nothing ever seems to get fixed. Lately, some folks are reverse engineering and making patches. But it would be better to get Bethesda/Zenimax/Microsoft to open source the program, as they are egregiously not supporting it. Github is now owned by Microsoft, so that would be appropriate to host.

Back in the day, id software open sourced its old technology. Although that was before acquisition by Zenimax.

Do we have any contacts within Bethesda/Microsoft?

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The only issue might be any contracts Zenimax signed off on the use of 3rd party commercial libraries. If they just released the C++ code, it would be still a fair job to marshal in all the required functions from open source to fit.


A long held wish was to release a "joke" CK overlay based on something like this:




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