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Using Outfit Studio to Edit Static Meshes


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While it's primary purpose (and reputation) revolves around Female Body mods for use with Bodyslide, the Outfit Studio tool is in itself a powerful all-purpose model editor with robust features.

This tutorial assumes prior knowledge of Outfit Studio and it's many functions. See the official Bodyslide/Outfit Studio Wiki for more details.

Here I'll use an example of wanting to remove certain sections of a static mesh that are part of a NiTriShape/BSTriShape. Outfit Studio can remove or just move verts much like Blender or 3DS Max but in a smaller, easier to use tool.

Note: Outfit Studio cannot edit collision, so if you're following this tutorial you may need to redo your collision to fit your new modified mesh.

Of course, if you wanted to remove a complete NiTriShape/BSTriShape that can be done in NifSkope.


Step 1; Open the nif in NifSkope

1a) Make sure there are no Transforms (Translation, Rotation or Scale) so you can start with a clean mesh.

1b) If you see Transforms in any xTriShape, right click > Transform > Apply. In this case, it's a custom mesh that was scaled down.





1c) Once all your xTriShapes are clean save the mesh.


Step 2; Launch Outfit Studio

2a) Go to File > Import From Nif and select your mesh to import it. Since I only want to work on the "Chest" portion, I've hidden all the other shapes in the Meshes tab by clicking on the little eye icon next to the names.





2b) Select the MASK tool in the upper toolbar (4th button with a square on it).



2c) Carefully select the vertices you want to delete.
(Tip: Hit W key to turn on wireframe and T key to turn off textures to see better. You can also change the size of the brush radius under Brush Settings by lowering Size and Focus.)

You DO NOT want to select the vertices directly connected to the point you want to stop, always end your selection at the vertices just before that point.




2d) Go to Tool > Invert Mask. (Or shortcut CTRL+I)

2e) Go to Shape > Delete Vertices. This function deletes all UNMASKED vertices, so it's important to invert the mask.
(Tip: if you made a mistake and too many verts were deleted, use CTRL + Z to undo the step and start again at 2c. Often I delete small groups of verts at a time to avoid going too far. Yes, you can do steps 2c, 2d and 2e as often as you'd like.)




2f) Go to File > Export to Nif and save your new modified mesh.

Our new mesh;





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 Works also in Fallout 4. UFO4P 2.1.2 had to create a mesh to fix bug #19582. From the changelog:


Meshes\Architecture\Buildings\SmallTown\Bld03FreeSidingARes02.nif: To fix a gap in this mesh without touching the precombs, a small helper mesh was created (Meshes\Architecture\Buildings\SmallTown\Bld03FreeSidingARes02Cap.nif) and placed on all eight occurrences of the mesh in the game world (Bug #19582).

This was made with Outfit Studio.

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